Grupo Xifra, a technology company that is revolutionizing the market

Just two years after starting operations, the company Xifra, with headquarters in the city of Zapopan, Jalisco, has been the Most Outstanding Startup of 2021 in the business field due to its exponential growth. Xifra is a disruptive and innovative technology company that has a decentralized intelligent ecosystem, using services based on blockchain technology. Its presence is global and to date, has more than 180 thousand users, in more than 45 countries around the world. Likewise, it has been paving the way for many Startups that use blockchain technology services around the world.

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Despite being a booming industry, it is not an easy subject, he mentions in an interview Jonathan Sifuentes, Global Master of Grupo Xifra, “Business models have emerged in the past that have failed, models that have not fulfilled their mission and vision; there are people who have doubts about these companies, however, we we have a history of 21 months of innovation and results that support us. Something that we highlight is the closeness that we have with our community, to put at your fingertips more technological information, greater financial culture and personal growth that foster leadership and disciplined work” Based on its values, integrity, unity, edification, Grupo Xifra presents a wide catalog of services and products within its entrepreneurial ecosystem, defined by the company as: Crypto Pool, Health, Hemp Farming, Real Estate, Academy and Foundation. The latter has focused on community aid in its headquarters city, where the company, together with its users, support vulnerable groups with deliveries of groceries, blankets, toys, in addition to an important help of medicines for children with Cancer, through of the Red Nose Foundation, AC, as well as the donation of an ambulance to Guadalajara Red Cross, which was delivered last June. For the division of health and wellness products, the company is about to open a new Xifra Health Corporate headquarters, also in the city of Guadalajara, starting the sale of its products in Mexico and the United States, but its expansion includes countries such as Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Panama, Costa Rica and Spain.

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Xifra is also the owner of a license to offer cryptoactive services, issued in Estonia, the digital capital of Bitcoin, where leading companies in the sector such as Crypterium, Augur and CoinLoan. Likewise, the company is preparing to launch an Exchange for crypto-crypto exchange, this tool will offer its users greater security and control over their assets. Sifuentes mentions: “Xifra is creating the first protocol DeFi through collaborative economy… We are taking advantage of technological evolution, making the latest advances in a crypto economy available to everyone. We cannot guarantee results, neither do traditional models, but we do offer the most advanced tools, the best technology and the human talent of experts who add value to our services and it is something that people recognize”.

According to experts within the entrepreneurial ecosystem, Xifra’s relevance is based on its leadership in innovation and its high growth capacity. The business model operated by Xifra is growing at such a speed that its system currently manages thousands of transactions monthly. Sifuentes points out, “Xifra rewards its users in Bitcoin every week, and allows them to withdraw on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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