Do I have COVID-19? This is the first symptom of the Omicron variant

the variant Omicron it has a high rate of contagiousness, and is beginning to be a real problem throughout the world. Know what is the first symptom of this strain, to which you should pay attention if you were close contact.

The news of the Omicron variant

In late November 2021, scientists in South Africa identified a new strain of COVID-19, about which they knew very little. They called her Omicron, and in less than two months it is already a global scourge.

Its level and speed of contagion has caused the global infection rate to increase by more than 55% in the last week, according to data from the World Health Organization.

Infektionsschutzzentrum im Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum, Köln

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COVID-19 swabs

Fortunately, doctors and scientists now have a better understanding of the new strain, and have identified what the first symptom to which attention should be paid, in case of having been close contact.

It is very important to know what the first signs are that the disease could have been contracted, since preventive isolation can reduce the curve of cases.

What is the first symptom of Omicron?

Specialists at the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) agree that the first symptom of the variant Omicron is a sore throat, especially in mild infections.

Especially in people where we’re seeing these milder infections, we’re definitely seeing sore throat being a predictor in that group.”said Dr. Allison Arwady, commissioner of the Chicago Department of Public Health.

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I have said this to my own staff and it is what I do myself. If you are sick, even a little sick, stay home. Until proven otherwise, with a test, that’s COVID. That’s how we treat it, that’s how you should treat itArwady added.

Knowing what is the first symptom, it is possible to isolate yourself and prevent the spread of the new strain of COVID-19 with very high contagiousness.

As for the rest of the symptoms that can occur with

, the WHO identified the following:



-Throat pain.


-Body pain.


-Runny nose and sneezing.

-Night sweats.

-Mental confusion.

-Loss of appetite.

Night sweats and nasal congestion, as well as sore throat are the aspects that distinguish

of the other known COVID-19 variants. You already know what the first symptom, if you suffer from any discomfort or sore throat, it is better to isolate yourself preventively.

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