Couples who have been unfaithful in Hollywood

When they fall in love, many celebrities have not cared that they are married and have children or are engaged

One of the 10 commandments says: “You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife.” Which in its feminine version could be translated as “You will not desire your ‘neighbor’s’ man”. Well, this is probably one of the commandments least respected by the famous Hollywood, because among them “steal couples” It is more common than we imagine.

Here we recall some cases of stars who fell in love with married or engaged men and ended up “capturing” them.

When Brad Pitt preferred Angelina Jolie over Jennifer Aniston

NEITHER “BAD” NOR “VICTIM”: One of the biggest Hollywood scandals of the 21st century was the romance that arose between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, while they were shooting the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

At that time, she was single and to order; but Brad was married to Jennifer Aniston and everyone thought they were one of the strongest couples in the entertainment industry. The end of this episode is more than familiar: Angelina captivated Brad to such an extent that he ended his marriage to start a different life —full of children and commitments to social causes— next to his new love. But they are already divorced.

Many judged Angie as “the bad guy in the movie” and Jennifer became “her victim”, earning the sympathy and compassion of millions of people…

How did Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux’s romance start?

But in reality, things are rarely black and white. Usually there are greys. On that occasion, Aniston had to lose, but that does not mean that she is a model of virtues and perfection.

The strongest proof that stories tend to repeat themselves is that, over time (and after seeking comfort in the arms of Vince Vaughn and of John Mayer, among others), the actress of friends ended up rolling his eyes Justin Theroux, whom he married in 2015 but divorced two years later.

It didn’t matter to Jennifer that Theroux was now living with Heidi Welcome, a hairstylist from Brooklyn, with whom he had a 14-year relationship. For Heidi it was a blow, because, according to comments from people close to her, Jen chased Justin without caring that he was with someone.

Perhaps that is why, after Theroux broke up with Heidi, she sent an email to her rival in which she predicted: “He will never marry you.”

How did Julia Roberts and Danny Moder’s romance start?

PRETTY (AND “BAD”) WOMEN: Few Hollywood stars enjoy as much sympathy as Julia roberts. However, there is someone who will probably never enjoy a movie of the famous beautiful woman.

Is about Vera Steinberg, an Argentine makeup artist based in The Angels, who has worked for artists such as Madonna, Eddie Murphy and Zoe Saldana. Actually, Vera has reason enough not to be interested in joining any of Julia’s fan clubs.

When her husband, the cameraman Danny moder, said goodbye to her in 2000 to go film the movie TheMexican (starring Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt), he never imagined that this trip would result in the end of his marriage of more than three years. During filming, Julia (who at the time was the girlfriend of Benjamin Pratt) had a affair with Danny, not caring that he was a married man.

Whether or not it was true that the Roberts paid a large sum to his boyfriend’s wife to speed up the divorce proceedingsIt is something that has never been confirmed. What is certain is that, a few months before getting married, Julia had the indelicacy to walk around Los Angeles wearing a T-shirt that said “Down Vera”.

Well, all of that belongs to the past. Today, Danny and Julia have been married for 20 years. and they have three children: Hazel Patricia, Phinnaeus Walter, and Henry Daniel. Perhaps the Oscar winner was right when she said, years ago, “I was born to be this man’s wife.” But maybe Vera felt the same way when Danny left to shoot. TheMexican..


Sienna Miller’s love life

MARRIED ADDICTION: Some think that infatuation with married men it can become something like a kind of “addiction”. That could be the case Sienna Miller, who knew Jude Law when they filmed the movie together Alfie, and began a relationship with him.

At the time, Jude was married to sadie Frost, the mother of his three children. Surely it must have been reassuring to Sadie that, soon after, Jude will betray Sienna with Daisy Wright, the babysitter of his children. Although Sienna and Jude reconciled, that runoff didn’t last long.

Later, Sienna went back to her old ways and got tangled up with another married man (and with four children!): Balthazar Getty (one of the protagonists of the television series Brothers & Sisters). Getty acknowledged his adultery and apologized to his wife, the designer Rosette Millington, who gave him the opportunity to rectify. Fortunately, their marriage did not go down the drain.

After his affair with Getty (which caused her much criticism in the international press), Sienna acted in a Broadway play with Johnny Lee Miller (Angelina Jolie’s first husband and godfather to Jude Law’s eldest son). According to gossip, she also had an affair with him, despite the fact that Miller was married to Michelle hicks and has a son with her. Or was it just a rumor because of Sienna’s fame as a seductress of married men…?

In any case, she once commented that “love has so many facets” and can “put you in a bind.” Luckily, the actress seemed to have calmed down since in 2011 she met Tom Sturridge (finally one who was single!), ex-boyfriend and father of Marlowe, his daughter.

Kristen Stewart’s scandalous affair with Rupert Sanders

NAIVE, NOTHING: One of the most criticized “blunders” in Hollywood in recent times was the entanglement of kristen Stewart with Rupert Sanders, The movie director Snow White and the Huntsman, which she starred in.

What prompted this rising star to hook up with a married man with two children? For many, it was something incomprehensible, taking into account that at that time Kristen was the envy of millions of women around the world for her romance with the heartthrob Robert Pattinson.

This episode gave a lot to talk about. For Kristen it must have been very uncomfortable when the English model Liberty Ross (Sanders’ then-wife, divorcing, and mother of his children Tennyson and Skyla) commented on social networks that the actress of twilight “wasn’t so pure“.

For her part, Kristen excused herself, through a press release, saying that deeply regretted “the damage that I have caused to my relatives and to all those affected” and cataloging his affair with the director as a “momentary indiscretion”. A nice or ironic detail (depending on how you look at it): Liberty Ross appears in a scene from Snow White and the Huntsman playing the role of Kristen’s mother…

Other famous cases of infidelity between Hollywood couples

Other celebrities who have had affairs with married or engaged men? It’s not a secret that Jennifer Lopez played a leading role in the failed marriage of former Puerto Rican beauty queen Dayanara towers and the singer Mark anthony, parents of Cristian and Ryan. Marc Anthony and Jennifer married four days after the divorce became official.

top model Petra Nemcova was, according to some, the cause of the first separation of be Penn and his ex-wife Robin Wright, in 2007. Also Evan Rachel Wood had a relationship with the controversial rocker Marilyn Manson when he was still married to the burlesque star Dita von Teese.

claire Danish, the bipolar Carrie from the hit TV series Homeland, began in 2003 a relationship with Billy Crudup. Something that was not well seen, since the then Crudup’s girlfriend, Mary-Louise Parker, was seven months pregnant with him. For her part, the actress Abby Cornish had an intense affair with Ryan Philippe, who was wearing seven years of marriage to Reese Witherspoon and had two children with her: Ava Elizabeth and Deacon.

Couples and infidelity in Hollywood

But, well, this thing about romances with married men is nothing new under the Hollywood sun. To give just two examples: when the producer was widowed Mike ToddElizabeth Taylor put her legendary violet eyes on the singer EddieFisher, even though he was married to his friend Debbie Reynolds, and ended up marrying him.

Years later, when he was filming Cleopatra, was unfaithful to Eddie with another married man: Richard Burtonwho was the great love of his life. In these and other cases, it is not very sensible to start looking for “culprits”. First, because, as an old saying affirms, “the heart does not rule”. And second, because a really solid and satisfying relationship is not going to go down easily because of the appearance of a third person.

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