Angelina Jolie still sends greeting cards to her ex-husband’s son, showing her big heart

From the beginning of his career, Angelina Jolie made it clear that he is a person who always puts the human value of things first. This has been increased after her separation from Brad Pitt, but Angelina’s kindness seems to be much greater than people imagine, she allegedly would have sent a Christmas present to the son of her other ex.

Coming from a family full of cinematographic talent, Angelina began her career at a very young age, but even from her childhood she already demonstrated the immense talent she had to convey emotions and show off before the cameras, which has given her one of the most acclaimed within the Hollywood industry.

Son of Billy Bob Thornton, ex-husband of Angelina Jolie affirmed that the actress continues to send him Christmas gifts

Jolie has always been interested in a large number of activities, in addition to her extensive work as an actress, the one born in Los Angeles, California has also had time to develop projects as a director and producer, tasks in which she has developed quite well and even has garnered excellent reviews.

Luckily for the “Eternals” actress, in love she has also done quite well, of course, her breakup and subsequent legal battle with Brad Pitt is nothing more than a fall on the road. But, prior to this relationship, the actress was married to Billy Bob Thornton, known for his role in the acclaimed first season of the series “Fargo”.

Many no longer even remember this relationship between Thornton and Jolie due to the enormous media weight that “Bradgelina” had worldwide and the impact that the couple caused in popular culture at the beginning of the century. Unfortunately for Brad Pitt, it seems that the mother of his children has a much better relationship with Billy Bob Thornton than with him.

Despite the short time that Angelina was married to the “The Plan” actor, only from 2000 to 2003, Thornton’s son Harry has confirmed that her former stepmother still thinks of him every Christmas and even loves him. sends gifts, proving that Angelina Jolie is a woman with a giant heart.

During a recent interview with the media Entertainment Tonight, Harry assured that despite his 27 years and that the marriage between his father and the actress has ended almost 20 years ago, she makes sure to send him presents every Christmas “Until the day of Today he still sends me Christmas presents and things like that,” he said during the interview.

“We don’t talk on the phone every day, but every so often we do get in touch,” said Harry, who is the son of his father’s previous marriage to former playboy star Pietra Dawn Cherniak. Harry also assured that the bond he has with the actress is due to the amount of time they spent together.

Angelina Jolie’s ex stepson assures that he is still in contact with her after almost 20 years

The son of the renowned actor said that Angelina was always looking for ways to have fun with him and his other stepchildren “He took us camping every week, on one occasion he rented a motor home and we had a full camping expedition.”

“She was so much fun with us when we were little,” Harry added. For his part, his father Billy Bob is currently married to Connie Angland, his sixth marriage since 1978 and they have four children including Harry.

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