Álvaro Dávila: Some players settled for winning the ninth

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The President from Cruz Azul, Alvaro Davila, spoke with TUDN about the poor performance offered by the club in the 2021 Apertura. After some exits were finalized in the current transfer market, Dávila nothing was saved and he made it clear that many elements were satisfied with winning the ninth against Santos, so they stopped playing matches at the highest level.

It’s no secret some elements key code they wanted out of The Machine to test other horizons, however, Dávila did not like this at all, although he assured that the best thing was to let them go, since this was harmful to group dynamics.

When a player does not want to be, it affects the stability of the group. That’s what affected us the most. people who were thinking of another plan of life than being here and I think that is what sometimes forces you to make decisions that you had not planned because they had a contract, but there are people who expose their reasons for wanting to leave And we have to work on it.”

“Some believed that he had already finished his cycle”

Dávila threw an incredible stone at some elements that came out, since assured that after winning the Liga MX against Saints they settled, because they thought that their cycle in Cruz Azul had come to an end.

“I think from the previous group, heyou who came out contributed great things to the club, but they had already completed their cycle somehow or so some felt it. (…) It made me conform very quickly that for a championship, to say that you already fulfilled, it was not enough for me ambitionsor“.

As if that were not enough, the president of Cruz Azul ruled that the lack of commitment it was so big that it was noticed in an important way in the ridicule they made in the Conchampions, where fell in semifinals in view of scratched with an overall of 5-1.

“I definitely think si there was an important relaxation after having been champions and after the Champion of Champions. ORwe kind of thought that was enough with that and of course it wasn’t. I think they stopped competing in a much more committed way both in the League and in that Concacaf Semifinal.


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