Scientists call for effective use of antiviral drugs against COVID-19 in Puerto Rico

Many of the infections are emerging not in the workplace but at times when people go out for lunch, said Dr. Zorrilla.

Luis Penchi

January 13, 2022 | | Reading time: 2 min

Dra. Carmen Zorrilla, professor at the School of Medicine of the Medical Sciences Campus of the University of Puerto Rico.

The Puerto Rico Scientific Coalition today advocated for a more effective use of antiviral medications to avoid congestion in emergency rooms and overcrowding of hospitals that today reached a new record with 905 hospitalizations related to COVID-19.


Carmen Zorrilla, a prominent infectologist and spokesperson for the Coalition said that patients and doctors should be aware of the use of two antiviral medications that are on the market and are already circulating in pharmacies in the country to prevent people who begin to feel symptoms and have already tested positive for COVID-19 from having to be isolated or treated in emergency rooms.

The expert referred to the overcrowding of hospital facilities by people who can be diagnosed and prescriptions from medical offices and recalled that treatment should be prioritized for people with pre-existing conditions that can become complicated, especially in the first five days after symptoms emerge.

The government revealed today that 910 adults and 95 pediatric cases are hospitalized this Thursday at a time when the positivity of positive cases fell to 36.15 percent, but 25 additional deaths were reported from the virus.


Zorrilla also said that the new order Executive of Governor Pedro Pierluisi which will be issued today should include a closer surveillance in closed places where crowds are caused and he stated that most of the infections occur in facilities where the air conditioning does not recirculate well and people remove their masks.

“Many of the infections are arising not in the workplace but at times when people go out for lunch. Sometimes they go to lunch with their coworkers and when they remove the mask, the contagion comes,” said the experienced doctor.

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