Leonardo Dicaprio is accused of “hypocritical echo”

Leonardo Dicaprio is being criticized after some images of him were published with his girlfriend, the model Camila Morrone, on a private yacht. The reason is that this boat, according to the Daily Mail, produces 238 kilograms of carbon dioxide, and the actor is a UN ambassador for climate change.

Leonardo DiCaprio, accused of "hypocrite
The actor generated rejection in the networks after being seen on a yacht in the Caribbean, due to his ecological commitment. (Photo: Instagram).

The couple was in the Caribbean, and the ship belonged to Swiss billionaire Ernesto Bertarelli. The actor was immediately branded on the networks as a “hypocritical echo”.

“I can’t with Hollywood celebrity activists giving lessons from the yacht. DiCaprio has made it literal. On vacation on a yacht that consumes the same per kilometer as the average car in two months”wrote one user.

Netflix recently released don’t look up, a film starring Dicaprio, which touches on the problem of climate change. Dicaprio called his performance in it “a gift” because it exposes that issue.

“I think we all consider this a unique gift,” said the Hollywood star. “We wanted to convey the message about the climate crisis, and Adam Mckay -director of the film- has hit the nail on the head with the creation of this story”, he declared.

Another tweeter made reference to this: “Don’t look up… you may see Leonardo DiCaprio being an ecological hypocrite on his 110 million yacht.”

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