Toronto FC already showed interest in Carlos Salcedo and approached Tigres

Mexico City /

Most likely, the race of Carlos Salcedo follow in the Toronto fc of the MLS, team that He already showed interest in the Mexican defender and approached the Tigers.

After first probing the Titan, the canadians they gave a firm step and forward with the intention of add to the experienced zagueror, who contract ends in December 2022 and has not renewed with the felines.

Therefore, fBridges near Mediotiempo confirmed that there was already a first poll and talks for what Salcedo can go to the set of Toronto.

Salcedo has been in the look from three teams important, the Toronto, the Wolverhampton of England and the Palmeiras from Brazil, having no chances to continue with Tigres.

The same source confirmed that Tigres was open to negotiate, even It’s not discarded what part of pay for the defender lbequeath someone from MLS to the felines.

The talks walk and if everything is maintained there could be news soon, because in the MLS the salaries are very competitive and they offer you a 3-year contract with a room option depending on the results.

Salcedo, part of Bradley’s plan in MLS

The intention of Bob Bradley’s team is putting together a frame for fight MLS, Concachampions and attend the Club World Cup.

While, Salcedo prepares to be headline this Wednesday with the Tigers in view of Santos Laguna in the duel of the Day 1 of Clausura 2022.



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