Ricardo Salinas Pliego shows interest in buying the bank that moves from Mexico

The departure of the consumer banking and business banking operations from CitiBanamex put into question to millions of clients and employees in the country, although Ricardo Salinas Pliego took advantage of the imminent putting the company up for sale to make controversial comments.

Accustomed to controversies and being an active user of his Twitter account, he referred to the banking institution as a “changarro” and, being one of the country’s millionaires, owner of a bank, he threatened to buy it, although it is valued at about 44 billion dollars.

“Let them say how much they want for their changarro and we see, CitiBanamex open from 9 to 9, 365 days a year,” he published on his Twitter account in reference to the hours of his company.

Meanwhile, Salinas Pliego assured that he does believe in Mexicans, which is why his companies stay in the country and “let those who want to cry cry.”

“They are leaving and we are staying with the Mexicans because we believe in you!”

The company’s announcement caused uncertainty in the financial environment and, above all, in all its clients, specifically payroll, credit, debit, insurance, Afores, insurance and mortgage credit cards; everything will pass to a new owner.

However, Alberto Gómez Alcalá, executive director of Economic Studies and Communication of the Grupo Financiero Banamex Citi-Group, stressed that the negotiations had barely started, that is, in a short term there will be no effects, although he did not assure that the workforce of Employees will remain intact in the transition.


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