Can this 50 cent coin be sold for $ 14 thousand?

Who didn’t play with old abandoned coins like real money? Several generations have gone through it, and it will surely happen again when a new series replaces the current one. Family C and D of coins that he Bank of Mexico (Banxico) currently has to carry out various transactions.

If you keep them to date, but you no longer know what to do with them, sell them for Internet is an option that many users take advantage of thanks to the increase in the audience they use thanks to a greater digital inclusion in recent years.

That is why, on internet portals, which already had their popularity before the start of the pandemic as Free Market Mexico, it became so popular to advertise in the Antiques and Collections the old coins of the owners to put them in the numismatic market.

That explains why these kinds of publications are so common, in which old coins that are now discontinued are offered at high prices to the public, such as this piece with a 50-cent denomination for which they are asking for the amount of 14,500 pesos.

A quick glance will suffice to recognize this coin that was used a few decades ago. (Free Market Mexico)

Do you recognize it or do you have some saved? They are pieces of the AA family of coins that circulated normally in the 1970s and 1980s, but after the Devaluation of the peso in December 1992 they were discontinued.

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Apart from the obverse with the customary national shield, it will be on its reverse where you will know at a glance what design it is, as it shows a profile image of Cuauhtémoc, wearing a ceremonial case.

It is through the Exchange house that millions of pieces of all the denominations used in the national economy are minted, but many others have been produced there with previous designs that today are demonetized by Banxico like the one we saw and that can no longer be used for any payment, simply because they lack liberatory power.

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If you have old coins that you are not interested in keeping, but a extra money It would not hurt either, you can use these mechanisms to put them on sale as users do with their numismatic items, but to assign a price It is best to take them to a specialist to guide you on the value at which these items are marketed.

With this, you will be able to put a fair price for the pieces you offer, in exchange for not staying for a long time waiting for someone to encourage you. to pay a very high price and that soon you will find who it I bought.

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