Chávez Jr treats Jake Paul like ‘trash’: It’s bullshit, I’ll knock him out

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The rivalry seems to be seeded and it will be a question of seeing if 2022 gives us the boxing fight between Julio César Chávez Jr. and Jake Paul, the famous YouTuber who publicly asked that the Son of the Legend be the next rival of his fledgling career in the sport of fists, but the Mexican already answered categorically.

Through different publications on social networks, Chávez Jr. called the content creator “garbage” and said that if the fight takes place, he will send him to sleep to finish his nascent career as a boxer, in which he has five contests, all with victory.

I assure you I’ll kick Jake Paul’s ass; What’s more, I want the winner to take it all when he fights Jake Paul. The winner takes all the money. Jake Paul is shit, I’ma knock him out“said the former World Champion.

Jake Paul challenged Chávez Jr. even though ‘he’s a loser’

Hours before the Mexican boxer spoke, Jake Paul claimed that he has “everything to defeat him” regardless of the record with which one and the other arrive; Mind you, he stressed that JCC already has “several defeats” under his belt, while he is coming off an impressive knockout in the rematch against Tyron Woodley.

I really like the fight against Julio César Chávez because it would silence the critics. He was a world champion and I think I can beat him. I have seen his record, I don’t know how many defeats he has but it is a good record, and that challenge excites me. I want to fight with a real boxer and I am going to have a little patience “, affirmed the influencer in dialogue with The Volume Sports.

The surprising thing about all these bickering is that a few months ago, in August 2021, the Jake Paul ruled out Chávez Jr as a possible rival to label him a “loser” and he ventured to say that it would only serve as a sparring training.

I don’t like fighting losers and he loses all the time, see how he lost against Anderson Silva. I feel like I’m a better fighter than him and if he wants to be knocked out in a sparring session, then we fix something, “he said.

Chávez Carrasco bounced back from the unexpected loss to former UFC champion Anderson Silva, by unanimous decision, during his father’s farewell card, and was able to add a victory on December 18 by unanimous decision on David Zegarra in the Palenque of the Culiacán Livestock Fair.


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