Eagles vs Cowboys (26-51): Dallas hits and signs NFL record night

The NFL regular season is coming to an end and the Playoffs vare still taking shape, because at the moment the Dallas cowboys made valid their status as favorites and They beat the Eagles mercilessly taking hold in the first place in the NFC East.

Cowboys follow the waiting of the rest of the results of the NFL Week 18 to know who will he face in the Final Phase, Heading to get a ticket for the Super Bowl, but for the moment they are reaffirmed as one of the clear favorites showing a very good offensive power and breaking a couple of records.

The match started equal, with good offensive plays and the rain of points would not take long to start, because in the first quarter Tyree jackson gave him the advantage to Eagles with a touchdown but Cedric wilson would score for Cowboys Y Zuerlein would score a field goal to have a slight advantage of 7-10.

The second bedroom It was a real madness, well Dallas Cowboys would achieve three touchdowns, although in one of them they would miss the field goal; Eagles I would respond with a field goal and a touchdown, leaving a partial marker of 17-30.

After the break this NFL duel there would be few points, then Philadelphia Eagles would get closer on the scoreboard with a field goal by Jake Elliott, adding some drama to the final lap.

Cowboys would make valid their status as favorites and they would sentence this meeting in a forceful way, well Corey Clement, Ito Smith and JaQuan Hardy would score touchdown. Eagles only responded with a Quez Watkins annotation; tried the 2-point conversion but failed, leaving the final score at 26-51.

The records the Cowboys broke

With tonight’s great performance against the Eagles, Dallas broke two records; the first is that they add 22 players with touchdowns this season, imposing a new brand inside of NFL.

The another record of the Cowboys is for Dak prescott, who after a superb performance already adds 37 touchdown passes this season, going to Tony romo who led the franchise brand with 36 TD passes.



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