This would be the first 11 of Chivas in the Clausura 2022

Chivas will make its debut in the Mexico shouts BBVA Closing 2022 facing Mazatlan. Beyond the outputs that the set of Marcelo Michel Leaño, the manager is struggling to set up his first eleven.

The Flock reported three positive cases of COVID-19 in the week and it is speculated that one of them is Roberto Alvarado, who had arrived as a brand new reinforcement for this tournament. Even the ‘Louse‘He already made his debut and scored a goal in a friendly match.

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The first eleven of Chivas in the Clausura 2022

According to what Leaño has used in the preseason of this Grit México Clausura 2022, they could start as follows on Matchday 1.

Goalkeeper: Raúl Gudiño; Defenses: Gilberto Sepúlveda, Hiram Mier, Miguel Ponche and Carlos Cisneros; midfield: Jesús Molina, Fernando Beltrán, Jesús Angulo, Alan Torres and Isaac Brizuela; Forward: Alexis vega.

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Michel Leaño’s message to the Chivas fans

Prior to his debut, next Sunday at the Akron StadiumAt 6:00 PM (Central Mexico time), a property in which they will seek to build a fortress, their coach Michel Leaño assured and invited the fans to dream of the title.

“I want to say something to the fans on time: this has already started, and from now on it has to end. we’re going to give it our all, we’re going to fight her and we’re going to convert all the skeptics, I am convinced, we are going to show that this team can always do more than the individuals, the family is in good times and in bad times ”, he said.

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This was said after the harsh criticism that the Sacred Flock has received for the few reinforcements that they added for the contest. They joined the ranks Alvarado and Pablo Yriza, who comes from Dorados and is signed with the rojiblancos so that he can play with Tapatío, the Liga BBVA Expansión MX and with the Chivas U-20


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