Mexican airline, among the safest by 2022, a website dedicated to the analysis and review of airlines worldwide, released its annual rankings on companies safer for travel in 2022. In the list corresponding to the budget airlines the mexican made an appearance Volaris.

To present these listings, which are divided into airlines conventional and low-cost, the platform assesses the performance of 385 companies. It takes into account aspects such as incidents registered in the last two years, accidents in the last 5 years, results of audits carried out by government authorities, information from the International Civil Aviation Organization and the age of the fleet.

Since 2021, it also considers the security measures implemented to prevent Covid-19 infections.

The safest airlines by 2022

These are the first 20 places on the list, taking into account airlines conventional. In this ranking there are no Mexican airlines.

1. Air New Zealand
2. Etihad Airways (United Arab Emirates)
3. Qatar Airways
4. Singapore Airlines
5. TAP Air Portugal
6. Scandinavian Airlines System
7. Qantas (Australia)
8. Alaska Airlines
9. EVA Air (Taiwan)
10. Virgin Australia / Atlantic
11. Cathay Pacific Airways (Hong Kong)
12. Hawaiian Airlines
13. American Airlines
14. Lufthansa / Swiss Group (Germany and Switzerland)
15. Finnair (Finland)
16. Air France / KLM Group (France and the Netherlands)
17. British Airways
18. Delta
19. United Airlines
20. Emirates

“All airlines they have incidents on a daily basis and, in many cases, they are manufacturing issues, not operational ones. It is the way the crew handles these incidents that determines a good airline from an unsafe one, ”says Geoffrey Thomas, editor-in-chief of

volaris_mas_seguras_2022_2.jpgPhoto: Unsplash / Daniel Norris

The safest low-cost airlines by 2022

This is the ranking of which it is part Volaris. Unlike the main list of conventional airlines, this one is presented in alphabetical order.

Allegiant (United States)
Easyjet (UK)
Frontier (United States)
Jetstar Group (Australia)
Jetblue (United States)
Ryanair (Ireland)
Vietjet (Vietnam)
Westjet (Canada)
Wizz (Hungary)

volaris_mas_seguras_2022_1.jpgPhoto: Marios Gkortsilas

The least safe airlines by 2022

Technically does not launch this list, but it is possible to see the results of the evaluations. According to the website, these are the airlines worst rated in a matter of security by 2022. In a rating system that goes up to 7 stars, the following companies only have one.

Air Algerie (Algeria)
Airblue (Pakistan)
Blue Wing (Suriname)
Iran Aseman Airlines
Pakistan International Airlines
Scat (Kazakhstan)
Sriwijaya Air (Indonesia)
Iran Air.

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