López Obrador promises to ‘saturate warehouses’ with medicines

In the country there are health institutes that fail to inform patients that medical care and medicines are free, denounced this morning President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and the Secretary of Health (Ssa), Jorge Alcocer Varela.

They even pointed out that doctors and even social work personnel intervene in the process to prevent the medicines from reaching people.

However, the president of the republic ruled that with the help of the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena) the goal of having the drugs available to the most remote health centers and medical facilities in the country will be achieved.

You are feeling about the free in health institutesBecause there they are explaining to people when they are going to pay that the care and medicines are free and people are very happy, but in other hospitals they don’t want to know it, they don’t want to explain it and of course they don’t apply it.

“It is a process, we are going to move forward, we are going to completely remove the pretext, the excuse that there is none because we are going to saturate the warehouses and we are going to work well, well, with the defense secretariat, because we are going to carry the medicines to the medical unit, to the most remote health center, “the president warned from the national palace conference on Tuesday.

He clarified that the distribution of medicines with elements of the army has already been carried out since the end of last year and now in 2022, the delivery of medicines will be further professionalized, mainly in what is known as the last mile.

López Obrador and Alcocer Varela recognized that this problem is a challenge for the government of the republic and an Achilles’ heel, but it must be resolved soon so that hospitals have full specialists and necessary medicines in order to serve the population that requires it.

In this context, Alcocer Varela himself pointed out that even when the warehouses of the country’s medical units are full of medicines, when the patient arrives at the pharmacy with the prescription issued by the doctor who reviewed it, they assure him that there is no drug. “because of the president” or the director of this or that institute.

Subsequently, upon hearing the news, the same patient is contacted by one of the workers of the medical unit that corresponds to him and who offers him – via an amount of money – the medicine that was not available in the pharmacy of his medical unit.

Yes, that is the point and as an example, outside the hospitals patients who carry the prescription are intercepted and go directly to where they have it and fixed it and return and say they charged me for it. Those details that are important are being watched and in the remotest part of the town, there it is. I conclude: the best ally, I hope they are the professionals, the best ally is the patient himself and he has telephones where they are reporting these actions because if not, we will not finish, “explained the health secretary.

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