The 15 John Williams soundtracks you probably know

If you think of a soundtrack composer, the first name that comes up is John Williams. But do you know his best works? In Geek Culture we bring you 15 of them that stood out in history.

The renowned sound of when the shark approaches in Shark, the iconic music scene from Elliot flying on your bike in front of the moon and the music that greets you when you get to Jurassic park They all came from the same mind: John williams. This composer became one of the most important within Hollywood having participated in some of the most recognized films in cinema.

And his ability as a composer was awarded with 5 Oscars Awards. Williams won an award for Fiddler on the Roof, another for Shark, One for Star Wars: A New Hope, ET and finally Schindler’s List. But Williams generated scenes from the movies had a much stronger impact with their music, making audiences remember these scenes even more. As we want to show you that you surely know a soundtrack by this composer, in Geek Culture we bring you 15 movies in which Williams put in a bit of his magic.

Star Wars saga

John williams

One of the most recognized soundtracks in the history of cinema and pop culture is that of Star wars. And we have it to thank John williams. Probably the yellow letters and the title of the movie getting lost in the galaxy would not have the same effect without the music of Williams.

Indiana Jones Saga

The movies of Indiana Jones they make us smile every time we hear the well-known melody that tells us that a new adventure for the archaeologist is about to begin. This was one of the many films in which he worked alongside Steven spielberg, director to whom he owes much of his career for trusting in his talent and choosing him several times to put music to his films.

John williams

Jurassic Park Saga

We all know the scene where Alan Grant Y Ellie sattler see dinosaurs for the first time in Jurassic park after the iconic phrase “Welcome to Jurasic park it wouldn’t be the same without music. And basically, it’s another scene that we owe to Williams for having given just what is necessary so that to this day that scene will continue to be remembered and that the song will surely sound in your head.


To nobody’s surprise Spielberg Y Williams They got back together and gave us another great memorable movie scene. We all know that the tears we fell the first time we saw ET surely they would not have been there if the music had not accompanied the film. But again Williams managed to put his spin on the movie and created another incredible soundtrack.

John williams


Shark it could be considered one of his best works since I only need two notes to create the tension that the film needed at the right moments. And these two notes became a great symbol of the culture, since every time someone hears them they know that danger is imminent.


There are many movies of Superman, but Williams got us all to relate a particular song to this superhero. The composer participated in the film of Richard Donner, where Christopher reeve is ours Clark Kent. The music is so iconic that the superhero is still related to this song.

Harry Potter saga

John williams

Although the composer did not participate in the last installments, he did so in the beginning and gave life to the soundtrack that everyone knows and relates to the magical world of Harry Potter. And he achieved something that many did not achieve: that the same song was used in a saga as extensive as it is. Harry Potter.


Again, Spielberg Y Williams they get away with it. Although it is not one of the director’s best films, the soundtrack does not disappoint. And everything accompanies the situation that the film poses: Peter Pan He grew up and is no longer the child who did not want to grow up that we all know.

John williams

My poor angel

Although it sounds strange, the composer also wrote for films a little more familiar and comical, being My poor angel one of them. And we probably wouldn’t remember certain scenes if it weren’t for the music that Williams put in the movie.

Schindler’s List

The first dramatic movie they worked on together again Spielberg with Williams and it did not disappoint. Williams accompanies the events of the film and the incredible, but at the same time heartbreaking, story that Spielberg wants to tell us in a way that brings out goose bumps.

John williams

Saving Private Ryan

And putting aside the horrors of the Holocaust, Spielberg wanted to show the events of The Second World War from the other point of view. Y Williams he manages with music to put us even more in the shoes of these soldiers.

Memories of a Geisha

The soundtrack of this movie can be considered one of the most different from the composer. For the first time, but at the height of all the soundtracks he gave to the cinema, Williams he added Japanese and oriental airs to his compositions. And it perfectly accompanied the story based on the novel by Arthur Golden.

Minority Report

John williams

This movie, which we consider that it is not necessary to clarify that it is one of Spielberg, mixes several genres that Williams he manages to accompany with his music. We find ourselves in front of a tech noir suspenseful and sci-fi crime scene, of which Williams It completely hits the spot. But it is also a traditional chase movie and the composer’s music proves it.

The Sun’s empire

The acting debut of Christian bale came from the hand of a great director as it is Steven spielberg. And he deserved no less than a professional on his soundtrack, as he is Williams. The composer manages to give us goosebumps at the right times as well as get a little more tears out of us than the movie would get us without the soundtrack.

John williams

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

And finally we have another of the most important and acclaimed films of the filmography of Spielberg. So it was obvious that he was going to seek the help of his great friend John to achieve a soundtrack as recognized as that of Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

As you may have noticed, most of the movies for which Williams composed were for those of Spielberg. And the combination of these two greats of cinema never disappointed and, should they work together again, it will never disappoint. But, with or without Spielberg, John williams definitely left a mark on the world of soundtracks from Hollywood.

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