Marcela Yeyé leaves Exatlón México REMOVED and the MEMES are enraged

Exatlon Mexico It just goes from bad to worse, when the fans of the TV Azteca reality show thought they had heard all their opinions and complaints, the production announced that this fifth season would end earlier than planned so they began to take new measures to streamline the departure of the remaining athletes from the competition.

The double elimination It will lead athletes to have to fight for their position every day of the week as they will be faced during the next Thursdays and Sundays, thus increasing the pressure and stress on both Guardians and Pathfinders.

This week, unfortunately the Reds had to fire one of their best athletes, being Marcela Pérez “Yeyé” the first elimination of the week, leaving the red followers quite shocked, as the athlete had become one of the strongest members within Exatlón Mexico.

His departure left a bitter taste for both the competitors and the viewers, who pointed out a certain participant of acting hypocritically before the departure of his partner.

Paulina throws a tantrum for Yeyé

It is not a secret that within Exatlon Mexico Friendships do not turn out to be entirely sincere, now viewers point out that Paulina Martínez did not show her most sincere side when seeing Marcela Pérez “Yeyé” face his inevitable exit from the TV Azteca reality show.

With the tears of a crocodile, Paulina Martínez created a scandal when she heard the name of her partner, because she knew that it would be the end of her path within Exatlon Mexico, although fans pointed out that she may have avoided the whole problem.

The goal of all athletes now is to stay as afloat as possible, however, the lack of camaraderie within the red team is showing that this fifth season could be seen as the worst of all.

The double elimination of Exatlón México

Announcing that the new closure of Exatlon Mexico It will be this next January 30 through the Azteca UNO signal, the production of the reality show gave one of the most worrying details for athletes on the beaches of the Dominican Republic, since now they will have to face double eliminations every week .

With a rather hostile attitude, fans of Exatlon Mexico They showed their annoyance due to the terrible handling of situations within the fifth season, making it clear that TV Azteca no longer knows how to run the reality show correctly.


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