Alexa asks 10-year-old girl to fulfill dangerous “penny challenge”

In the United States, a girl asked assistant Alexa to suggest a challenge to do. But the answer put the little girl in danger when she suggested that she overcome “the penny challenge” or “penny challenge” in English.

This is a challenge that went viral on the TikTok social network, of which neither the girl nor her mother had heard of until Alexa replied: “Plug a phone charger halfway into a wall outlet, then play with a penny exposed pegs. “

At that moment, the child’s mother, Kristin Livdahl, yelled: No, Alexa, no! Or at least that is how he related it in a series of tweets issued on December 27 that immediately went viral.

What happened is that, on the day of the events, Kristin and her daughter had been fulfilling a series of very simple physical challenges, such as lying down, rolling around holding a shoe on the foot, among other non-dangerous activities.

But when the girl asked for one more challenge, Alexa searched the internet and found the “penny challenge” on This was denounced by the mother on Twitter and Amazon asked that she communicate directly with an assistant of the company to offer her help.


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