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Among Rivian’s largest shareholders is Amazon, and the e-commerce giant also commissioned the brand to manufacture 100,000 electric delivery vans, probably the largest vehicle order Rivian will receive in its history. Now the agreement between the American start-up Rivian and Amazon begins to materialize, first with the start of production of the electric vans in question and a little later with the arrival of these to the streets.

Despite the fact that there are marked holidays, the intensity of work in the factory that Rivian has in the city of Normal, in the American state of Illinois, must be being accused, since these same days in addition to starting the start of The series production of Amazon’s electric van has also started the production of its Rivian R1T, as well as the first two Rivian R1S have been manufactured in series.

It is true that previously, and even more than a year ago, units of the Amazon electric van have been seen in isolation exercising their delivery functions in certain parts of the US geography. However, until now these units have been matched with pre-production vans, so they were units intended to serve as test models before mass production began. Now, again, as echoed by the Anglo-Saxon portal specialized in electric mobility Teslarati, a new Amazon EDV (Electric Delivery Van) has been hunted on the street.

This time the sighting occurred in the city of Woodhaven, Michigan, and reveals a surprising aspect about Amazon’s electric van. Both Amazon and Rivian have previously disclosed the dimensions of their electric van, making it clear that it would indeed have generous dimensions compared to the rest of the vehicles with which it will share the road. In the larger version the length can be up to up to 8.15 meters and the weight of 6,350 kilos.

However, it is the Twitter user who is in charge of emphasizing the impression that the size of the electric van fosters live.

As can be seen in the video shared on social networks, the van has been hunted while it was stationed at a loading point, and judging by the vinyl covering its body, it is not yet a unit, despite the fact that its production series should have already started.


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