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That Volkswagen is immersed in recovering the DNA of the mythical T1 is no secret. They themselves have already shown what the final appearance of the one known as ID.Buzz will be, but now, from the German firm, they have released a new teaser about their future model that will be officially presented in the coming months.

After launching the ID.3, ID.4 and ID.5, models much more cautious when it comes to aesthetics, it is time to seek new frontiers. For this reason, the next 100% electric model marketed by Volkswagen will go a step further in the search for new customers, much more differentiated in terms of the practicality and aesthetics of the vehicle, and will launch his first electric van.

PHOTO 1 - The light signature is the characteristic of the German brand

The light signature is the characteristic of the German brand

Confirmation of the presentation and launch date has come from a tweet by the official Volkswagen account in which it dictates: “2022 is near: the year of the new Volkswagen ID.Buzz!”. Accompanying this sentence they have shown a new video where some first concrete details are glimpsed of what will be the first electric minivan of the Germans. In the video itself, they also release keywords and phrases that have led to the beginning of the development of the model in question. One of the main reasons has been the relaunch of the mythical DNA that inaugurated the Volkswagen T1 now seventy years ago.

In the teaser video shown by Volkswagen, it is done a clear emphasis on your light signature and to the very technology that its LED headlights carry. Its line is the characteristic that Volkswagen already released a few years ago, with a line of light that crosses the entire front width being interrupted only by the position of the logo of the German brand. In addition to this, the interior access handles are also distinguished, which have their own lighting, as well as a light pattern that will be projected onto the ground when we activate the car.

PHOTO 2 - On the ground it will project a pattern of light

On the ground it will project a pattern of light

In the coming months we will leave any doubt about what will be the specific aspect that the ID Buzz shows, although its general lines have already been more than shown throughout all the teasers shown by the brand itself. It is expected that this will offer a wide variety of customization configurations, as well as a commercial variant with a large load capacity in the rear area, a passenger version and even a camperized finish under the “California” seal, although on this last there is no confirmation yet, yes there is a lot of talk about it in the rumor mill surrounding the model.

Regarding its mechanics, official and specific data are not yet known, although it is believed that will offer a rear-wheel drive variant and an all-wheel drive variant, as well as a battery capacity of up to 111 kWh, a volume well above the rest of Volkswagen electric cars. With this it is expected that its autonomy is around 550 kilometers, although it will also be offered in more prudent variants with a lower range and, therefore, notably cheaper. Additionally, it is also expected to obtain important technologies related to autonomous driving itself. In any case, in a few months we will get rid of all doubts.


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