Santiago Giménez distributed food at Christmas to the neediest people

There are gestures that they make to football players even bigger for their human quality that for their qualities on the court, such is the case of Santiago Gimenez, who besides being the Promising scorer of Cruz Azul by showing your talent with ball and his scoring nose, made it clear that he is also a crack off the pitch.


And is that the canterano of The Machine took the time to think about the people who most need for help them, in full Christmas time when a hug to the soul is most needed, that is why the celestial striker put his hands to work to rspreading food through the streets of Mexico City.

It is so Santi Gimenez, in the company of his girlfriend Fer Serrano and her sister-in-law,listed 50 food packages, which included juices, chocolates and sandwiches that they prepared themselves, as they let it be seen through their social networks, where the three are seen arranging the loaves, the ham and their respective ingredients.

Later, he also national team He went out in his car to distribute them to people who were on the street, in more vulnerable situations, so that one day before Christmas, Santi put on the suit of Santa claus To steal a smile from the people who held out their hand to him.


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