Roberto Alvarado does not want to leave Cruz Azul to go to Chivas; Juan Reynoso doesn’t want him to leave either

If there is a player in Blue Cross who feels the colors of the team and who has left everything on the court is Roberto Alvarado, who regained his level since the arrival of Juan Reynoso and managed to become one of the leaders of the campus that was consecrated as Champion of Liga MX, the historic May 30, 2021.


That is why the ‘Louse‘has not received at all well the versions that place it as Chivas reinforcement for the Grita Mexico Clausura 2022 Tournament, since, according to information from ‘Sancadilla’ of the Reforma Group, The blue midfielder has been sad during the preseason of Machine, Well, he doesn’t want to leave the cement team.

“All this week Roberto Alvarado has walked quite a lot of achicopaladón Well, the chance that has been handled that going to go to Chivas in exchange for Alejandro Mayorga and Uriel Antuna“, could be read in the ‘Sancadilla’ column, which could further delay the official announcement of the exchange between the two teams.

Juan Reynoso does not agree with the departure of ‘Piojo’

Likewise, the text revealed that the cement strategist, Juan Reynoso, is not at all in agreement with the exchange who would be about to sign the celestial directive with Chivas, for Uriel Antuna and Alejandro Mayorga, since he too national team He has become one of the Peruvian’s trusted men.

The version adds that the directive from Machine headed by the CEO, Alvaro Davila, seeks to meet with the coach as soon as possible to convince him that It is not a bad idea to get rid of the ‘Piojo’ Alvarado, since they will have two elements of proven quality, especially because in the left side are lacking that the two Chivas players could compensate for they both know how to play on that side.

“My cement ear told me that Celestial coach Juan Reynoso is not enthusiastic about losing Alvarado, either. That’s why he had to be the president of the club himself, Álvaro Dávila, who will go to Cancun with everything and his right hand, Héctor Lara, executive director at La Maquina, to convince Reynoso that it is worth giving a year to Alvarado to reinforce the team “, he sentenced ‘Sanca’.

It should be noted that ESPN announced that the agreement between The Machine and the Herd is now fully closed so that the ‘Louse‘he wears the red and white shirt and the’ Brujo ‘does the same with the light blue shirt, as well as Alejandro mayorga, however, it would be a matter of Refine details with the issue of salaries to make it official.


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