Youtuber blows up Tesla car worth 3 million

Known as “the youtuber of the press”, Lauri Vuohensilta, of Finnish origin, he has become the content creator of choice for all those who enjoy watching him destroy various objects with the help of his hydraulic press. And, this time, he surprised by popping a Tesla.

And it is that the subscribers of his secure channel never imagined that he would also seek to tear a luxury car, so your video has generated numerous reactions.

Below in Freeways We will tell you how he managed to destroy a Tesla using a hydraulic press and some explosives.

Youtuber famous for a hydraulic press and a sheet of paper

The channel YouTube, Hydraulic Press Channel, was born in 2015, when Lauri Vuohensilta and his wife Anni began posting small recordings of them wearing a press hydraulics of 140 tons to crush objects, which aroused the curiosity of Internet users, who began to closely follow the adventures of this Finnish couple.

Months later, a video in which they tried to fold a sheet of paper more than 7 times with the help of the press turned viral on Reddit, which caused that in a single day it had more than 2 million views and, since then, its material has been seen by millions of people around the world.

Recently Vuohensilta, who seems to be aware of user comments, gave his followers a little test of how the press faced with some sticks of dynamite, without providing any more clues as to what his next feat would be: making burst a car into a thousand pieces, so this latest show has become a trend in a matter of days, dividing opinions.

Photo: YouTube / Hydraulic Press Channel

Youtuber destroys Tesla model S with a press and dynamite

At video, Lauri clarifies that the owner of the vehicle It is not him, but they sought him out to perform the explosion because the Tesla It had been broken for several months and the owner was not interested in repairing it.

Upon hearing the proposal, and thinking that he had already tried shredding explosives with the press, decided to accept the proposal. “This was such a stupid project that it was perfect for my channel!” Mentioned the youtuber.

Once they were both in agreement, the planning began and they took care of even the smallest detail so that everyone present was safe but that it was also possible to record everything that happened with the help of different cameras and devices. They spared no expense, as you can even see a helicopter flying over the area.

The process consisted of cleaning the Tesla, remove batteries and other components that could cause a toxic cloud or the emission of harmful gases. Once done, Lauri Vuohensilta and his friends, including the owner of the car, they proceeded to paste about 30 sticks of dynamite to the body, partially covering it, as well as other types of gunpowder more suitable for crystals.

Finally, once the area was cleared, the hydraulic press, which was in charge of detonating the cartridges at a distance.

The whole event was captured with phantom cameras and other models from different angles, getting spectacular shots of the exploration.

At the end, the attendees were remarkably excited by what they had just witnessed, mainly the owner of the car belonging to the company of Elon musk, who after months of struggling with repairs, said he could finally rest from the hustle and bustle.

Photo: YouTube / Hydraulic Press Channel

Just two days after being posted, the recording has almost 150 thousand reproductions and hundreds of comments, where the followers of the marriage of the hydraulic press they let them know how shocked they were with this video. Although there are also those who mentioned that it had been an exaggeration of the owner to have decided to literally destroy the Tesla, since they could have chosen to sell it, in addition to that they could endanger not only their lives, but the environment around them.

Lauri He reacted and clarified that the security protocols had been followed both for the explosion and for the attendees and that, in addition, they took care that the area was not affected after the show, leaving it impeccable when leaving. He also stressed that he himself manages a Model S, the model he blew up, so neither he nor his team have anything against Tesla or Elon muskHe simply thought it was good content for his channel and helped someone fulfill their wacky dream of destroying the vehicle.

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