Nahuel Guzmán threw a stuffed tiger at Rayadas players

Mexico City /

Nahuel Guzman lit up the spirits in the preview of the Vuelta Final between Female and Striped Tigers, as threw a stuffed tiger at visiting players as they headed to the dressing room.

Present at the University Stadium for comment on the felines’ streaming signal, the Argentine goalkeeper took advantage of the Gang players were a few meters away to launch the object, although he did so without force to avoid a contact.

Those directed by Eva Espejo they continued with their walk without giving it much importance, although in social networks the gesture unleashed a strong debate between the biases of both clubs.

In the case of the university students, they defended that there was no contact, in addition to calling the Rayados “crybabies”, an idea that remained due to the sanction that Stephany Mayor received from two parties after an investigation carried out ex officio by the Disciplinary Commission.

In the men’s, Nahuel closed the tournament with a strong controversy when he was singled out as the player who detonated a fight at the end of the Round of Semifinals match between Tigres and León, although Miguel Herrera pointed out that it was because the emeralds made fun of them.

It is worth mentioning that the university club asked its followers to bring a teddy that will be donated to children without the possibility of having gifts this Christmas.


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