MINUTE BY MINUTE: Tigres Femenil vs Rayadas (Final

minute by minute

  • Female Tigers

  • Striped

Global marker

  • Rayadas de Monterrey 3-1 Tigres Femenil on penalties

  • Rayadas de Monterrey are the champions of the Grita México Apertura 2021 tournament !!

  • TIG

    Post! Nayeli Rangel sends her payment to the right metal

  • Ray

    Rayadas goal! Rebeca Bernal cheats on Ceci Santiago and puts Monterrey close to glory

  • TIG

    Alejandría Godínez stops again! Lizbeth Ovalle charged to the center and failed

  • Ray

    Rayadas goal! Mariana Cadena charges with placement and gives her team an advantage

  • TIG

    Stop Alejandría Godínez! Nancy Antonio missed her penalty

  • Ray

    Rayadas goal! Desiree Monsiváis defines with class from the 11 steps

  • TIG

    Tigres goal! Liliana Mercado hits and tricks the archer

  • Tigres Femenil will open the batch

  • The regular time ends and the final of the Apertura 2021 will be defined on penalties

  • 90 ‘

    Five more minutes are added

  • 88 ‘

    In the event of a tie after 90 minutes, the match will be defined on penalties

  • 87 ‘

    Change of Women’s Tigres: María Sánchez leaves and Nayeli Rangel enters

  • 85 ‘

    Another strong shock, María Sánchez de Tigres falls on the right leg of Rebeca Bernal de Rayadas

  • 83 ‘

    Change of Stripes: Valeria Del Campo leaves and Daniela Solís enters

  • 82 ‘

    Nicole Pérez’s shot that goes over the local goal

  • 80 ‘

    The match breaks and turns back and forth

  • 76 ‘

    Save Godínez to Rayadas !! Fernanda Elizondo stayed hand in hand with the Monterrey goalkeeper who comes out and blocks the shot from the feline forward

  • 74 ‘

    Yellow card for Mariana Cadena de Rayadas for cutting a breakaway from María Sánchez

  • 71 ‘

    Change of Women’s Tigres: Belen Cruz leaves and Jana Gutiérrez enters

  • 70 ‘

    Stripes change: Aylín Aviléz leaves and Nicole Pérez enters

  • 67 ‘

    Fernanda Elizondo’s shot that goes over Rayadas’s goal

  • 64 ‘

    Ceercaa Tigres Femenil !! Shot by María Sánchez that goes just to one side of the right post

  • 61 ‘

    Ovalle center that no one from Tigres Femenil manages to finish off in the visiting area

  • 58 ‘

    Change of Women’s Tigres: Katty Martínez leaves and Fernanda Elizondo enters

  • 54 ‘

    Change of Stripes: Yamile Franco leaves and Lizette Rodríguez enters

  • 51 ‘

    Shot by Belén Cruz that deviates from the Rayadas arc

  • 48 ‘

    Strong clash between Rayadas goalkeeper Alejandría Godínez and Tigres forward Katty Martínez

  • Start the complementary part !!

  • Tigres Femenil and Rayadas maintain the tie in the University and on the global scoreboard


  • The first half is over

  • Four. Five’

    The whistling Francia González adds nothing

  • 42 ‘

    ¡¡¡Atajaaa Ceci Santiago !! The Tigres Femenil goalkeeper blocks Desiree Monsiváis’s shot, who stood alone in front of her

  • 38 ‘

    The intensity and the hard tackles are the constant of the duel

  • 3. 4′

    The party locks up again in the center of the field

  • 31 ‘

    Yellow card for Valeria Del Campo de Rayadas, for cutting Katty Martínez’s breakaway

  • 29 ‘

    Pooosssteee !! Ovalle’s center that throws himself to cut Cadena, but the Rayadas defense almost sent the ball to the back of his goal

  • 24 ‘

    Very closed center of Lizbeth Ovalle who manages to reject the rear of Rayadas

  • 22 ‘

    Now it is Desiree Monsiváis who tries with a shot, but the ball goes astray from the goal of Tigres Femenil

  • twenty’

    Lizbeth Ovalle’s shot that goes off the albiazul arc

  • 18 ‘

    Rayadas shows his defensive strength and manages to contain the locals

  • fifteen’

    Ceercaa Tigres Femenil !! Shot by María Sánchez that goes just above the visitor’s goal

  • 13 ‘

    Tigres Femenil takes the initiative and goes on the attack

  • 10 ‘

    The game is very intense, but much less fluid than the first leg

  • 6 ‘

    First corner kick of the duel, Rayadas sends the ball to the local area, but the feline defense rejects

  • 4′

    Tigres Femenil takes the start of the match in stride; while Rayadas presses high

  • two’

    The first arrival of the duel is by Rayadas, but Monsiváis’s shot attempt is deflected from the goal

  • The game starts !!

  • The national anthem of Mexico is sung as part of the final protocol

  • The Tigres Femenil scorer Stephany Mayor is not present after being suspended for an attack in the first leg

  • The footballers of the two teams come out onto the pitch

  • Stripe Alignment: Godínez; Calderón, Del Campo, Bernal, Cadena, Flores; Aviléz, García, Franco; Evangelista and Monsiváis

  • Women’s Tigres Lineup: Santiago; Villarreal, Espinoza, Ferral, Sierra; Ovalle, Mercado, Antonio, Sánchez; Cruz and Martínez

  • The Tigres Femenil team and the Rayadas de Monterrey will define the champions of the Grita México Apertura 2021 tournament of the Liga MX Femenil at the University Stadium


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