Chicharito would return to Chivas paid by Puma

Chicharito Hernandez has been in the Aztec football environment in recent months. Either by not calling the Selection Aztec or by the rumors of his return to the League BBVA MX to play with Chivas.

Well, the rumors have regained strength and this because the Puma brand, sponsor of the rojiblanco team, would be willing to pay a part of the salary of the highest scorer of the Selection Mexican.

This information was released by El Universal and is that according to reports, the Flock Sacred I would have tried that plan to bring Rodolfo Pizarro, but the sports brand prefers to look for a player who does have a good performance, this due to the bad business they had with Oribe Peralta in which they did pay part of their salary.

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Chicharito will not return to the Mexican National Team

There is no way Javier Hernandez go back to Mexican team… or at least not for now. After it was confirmed that

Gerardo Martino
will continue to lead the national team, it was also possible to know that Javier He will not wear the national shirt again, “not even if he scores 100 goals.”

The great season that the ‘ChicharitoHernandez with the Galaxy, equaling his best scoring mark in the same campaign, it was not enough for the Mexican to be summoned to the Aztec Selection And apparently, there will be no way for the forward to return.

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According to information from ESPN, by the mind of the Mexican team it does not happen to call the ‘Chicharito Hernandez. The same source points out that “not even if he scored 100 goals”, the attacker of the Galaxy would be considered in the national team … so it does not go through a sporting issue.

The ‘ChicharitoHernandez is not summoned with the Mexican team from the 2019. It was in a match that the Aztec team won 3-2 against U.S and that was the last match he played Javier. After a bad season with the Los Angeles club, he had his revenge to have a great scoring year.


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