Alan Pulido would return to Chivas and the salary he would have in the Herd is filtered

Alan Pulido would be one step away from returning to Chivas with a millionaire salary
Alan Pulido would be one step away from returning to Chivas with a millionaire salary

Chivas does not want to be left behind in terms of signings and after not reaching an agreement with America for the pass of Sebastian Cordova, everything indicates that Alan Pulido it would be the best card for the Flock.

According to W Deportes journalist Jesús Hernández, Chivas he wants to bet on a forward very loved by the rojiblanca fans and who will come to convince him of the project he wants Marcelo Michel Leaño.

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Although he did not want to give the name, everything indicates that it would be Alan Pulido, forward who would already be in Guadalajara to converse with the board. In his social networks he aroused the interest of the rojiblancos after publishing an image from the air where see Akron stadium where champion with the Flock was consecrated.

Alan Pulido arrived in Guadalajara and could return to Chivas

How much would Alan Pulido earn upon his return to Chivas?

The Mexican forward Alan Pulido receives a year $ 2.2 million at Sporting kansas city, according to Sportrac. Although the rate is very high, if your arrival takes place, this salary could be negotiated with the company that dresses the striker, Puma, the same one who paid the salary of Oribe Peralta.

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