Vicente Fernández’s health minute by minute: “Charro de Huentintán” was sedated after pulmonary complications

In the last hours, the Mexican entertainment medium is pending the health of Vincent FernandezThis after it was confirmed that he returned to intensive care due to a discomfort in one of the lungs, which could be pneumonia.

He was the son of Don Chente, Vicente Fernandez Jr., who confirmed that his father is serious, this before an appearance with the media when he left the hospital. Despite the fact that the information about his health status has been cautious, the family announced that the singer’s evolution will be revealed.

Fernández family shares new statement

A few moments ago, through their social networks, the Fernández Family shared a statement in which they reported that, in the last 12 hours, the singer presented an exacerbation of his health.

In the letter it is detailed that the forecast is “very reserved.” In addition, he thanked the support of all the followers, who keep abreast of the state of health.

Go back to the hospital

“He is serious, he is delicate. We ask for your prayers, the doctors are going to say what they have to say”, were the words of Fernandez Jr. in an interview taken up by the morning Venga la Alegría. In recent days, the Fernández family has shared images of the “Charro from Huentitan“in social networks asking for his recovery.

According to some reports, from the early hours of this Friday, December 10, Vincent Y Gerardo Fernandez, children of the interpreter, as well as Mrs Cuquita They are in the hospital pending the singer’s state of health. It should be noted that a few weeks ago he left the hospital but his health relapsed.

Controversy over autobiography

Yesterday, Alexander Fernandez he paused his presentation at the Audience National to ask for a prayer for the recovery of his father, something that left the public puzzled, since it had not been made known that Don Vincent he was admitted back to the hospital.

On the other hand, the Dynasty Fernandez has been upset by the publication of the book “The Last King”, unauthorized biography of the singer written by Argentina Olga Wornat. According to the text, the family comes off in a very bad way, especially Gerardo Fernández, linking him to drug cartels.

Say goodbye to your father?

After what Vicente Fernandez Jr. revealed that his father’s health is serious due to a failure in one of his lungs, many speculations have arisen about the singer’s situation. Throughout this day the rumor of his death has spread; however this has been denied by his family.

But nevertheless, Fernandez Jr. seems to be saying goodbye to his father, since he shared an image from the Rancho de los Tres Potrillos in the company of “Charro de Huentitán“with the legend” I love you father “, a message that he could be going through his last minutes of life.


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