Exformer of Guadalajara is accused of sexual abuse of minors

The Catalan newspaper ARA has published an investigation in which denounces Albert Benaiges, famous discoverer of talents from the Barcelona, trainer of Xavi Hernández and Andrés Iniesta and that he worked during 2014 in Guadalajara, as a sexual abuser of minors.

This triggered a lawsuit against him, from several of his former students.

According to the newspaper: “For more than 20 years, Benaiges repeated abuse and harassment of boys and girls of different generations. A pattern of conduct that the ARA has confirmed with about sixty witnesses. He masturbated with 13-year-old boys, they watched porn movies, there were touching and games of a sexual nature. These situations took place in the showers of the school, in the gymnasium, in his house and in the colonies that were made in Corçà. Experiences that have caused a “trauma” to a minimum of four students. At the dinners these students made years after leaving school, the theme always came up. “From time to time I would look at the internet to see if something was coming out about him,” explains one girl. In conversation with the ARA Benaiges denies any touching, but admits that he would never “repeat anything” of what he did during that time. “

In 2014, the Spaniard arrived as director of Guadalajara soccer training, in the times of Rafael River Bridge as a sports director. After a few months their “practices”, closely supervising the minors and propose intimate exams, provoked complaints from parents, which reached the ears of Angelica Fuentes, then wife of Jorge Vergara, owner of Guadalajara, who immediately asked for his departure.

Benaiges, born in Mexico, in Guadalajara, but of Spanish parents, when he was fired from Guadalajara passed through the Dominican Republic and then for Japan. It was part of the new organization chart of Barcelona, ​​upon the arrival of Joan Laporta, until last week he left office.

The newspaper explicitly exposes several stories of alumni, men and women, who speak of their experiences with the trainer and how they had to keep quiet based on manipulation because on the day they left the club, many of these children fired him crying.


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