Cruz Azul negotiates with Chivas and will transfer Roberto Alvarado in exchange for two signings

The winter market bomb in Mexico is already cooking. Cruz Azul continues with its financial austerity and does not have money for transfers, so one of the plans is assign players in order to make exchanges for others that may be of interest to Juan Reynoso and that they come from certain clubs. Today, the chosen one was Chivas.

The high-ranking cement managers want to reinforce themselves with Alejandro Mayorga, a Mexican, left-back, from Guadalajara, in a position that has been seriously affected in recent months. Adrián Aldrete’s injuries meant that Ignacio Rivero, Cata Domínguez, Juan Escobar, Shaggy Martínez and even Roberto Alvarado should play there this 2021.

And although the idea was to make an exchange for a year of the winger for another Cruz Azul player, ESPN revealed that there would be two chivahermanos who could reach the Machine, in exchange for a light blue crack. As they read. In addition to Alejandro Mayorga, Uriel Antuna would enter the transaction … in exchange for Piojo Alvarado!

As explained by the medium, both clubs advanced in the talks on Friday. They have not reached an agreement yet because, although Chivas wants to get rid of Antuna and Mayorga, the Machine does not want to release Alvarado. It’s more, The celestial idea has always been to renew El Piojo soon for four more years, improve his salary and let him stay for as long as he wants here in La Noria.

Considering that the talks between Chivas and América, for the exchange of Antuna and Córdova, they were definitely trapped last Wednesday, is that the cement painting appeared on the horizon as the ideal team to carry out the transaction. As Ricardo Peláez was the one who signed Alvarado in Cruz Azul in 2018, today he sees as an option that the midfielder wants to go with him.

And Alexis Peña?

Although Cruz Azul must negotiate with Guadalajara if he wanted to renew Alexis Peña, today he does not enter into the Antuna + Mayorga negotiation for Alvarado. At the moment, the defender has not renewed and Juan Reynoso will not make him travel to Cancun for the second part of the 2021 cement preseason.


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