Years do not pass: this is how Sofía Vergara looked in a bikini at the beginning of the 2000s

Sofia Vergara is the only Latina on the list of the highest paid actresses (Photo: AFP)
Sofia Vergara is the only Latina on the list of the highest paid actresses (Photo: AFP)

Sofía Vergara is, without a doubt, the most successful Colombian in Hollywood. Her talent, sense of humor and beauty have made Barranquilla climb to the top of the American television industry. As a memory of her beginnings, through her Instagram account, who played Gloria in Modern Family showed a photo of a photo shoot she had in Los Angeles in the early 2000s.

Before her more than 21 million followers, the actress showed her figure in a bikini while she was still in her twenties. The now 48-year-old woman, equally beautiful, caused reactions among her followers for her slim body.

Sofía Vergara in a bikini.  Photo: Instagram
Sofía Vergara in a bikini. Photo: Instagram

In the dynamics of throwback thursday, That is, Thursday of memories, the Barranquilla said that the photo session dates from the beginning of the millennium and was held in Los Angeles, California. Before the revealing image, his followers admired the toned abdomen of the woman in the brown bikini she was wearing.

In the other image, Vergara can be seen looking young at the beginning of his career in the United States. In the photo, the woman wears a purple shirt and several necklaces accompanying the wardrobe in the best style of Barranquilla.

Photo of Sofía Vergara in 2000. Instagram.
Photo of Sofía Vergara in 2000. Instagram.

Vergara began her career in the United States by moving to Miami and signing an exclusive contract with the Spanish-speaking channel Univisión. While there, she served as the host of various game shows. Later, she acted in Mexican novels and later she went to Los Angeles to try her luck as a film and television actress in the North American country.

Since 2009, she worked as an actress for the humorous series Modern Family, which made her take off to fame and become for a time the highest paid actress on television in that country. The last broadcast of the successful program, which had 11 seasons, aired on April 8, 2020.

The battle with her ex over the embryos

Another chapter begins in the battle of Vergara with his ex Nick Loeb for the custody of his frozen embryos, since A judge of the Superior Court of Los Angeles County, United States, granted a permanent court order indicating that the businessman cannot use the embryos without the consent of the Colombian.

Something that is undoubtedly a victory for the actress, since the American businessman went as far as wanting to establish their rights, naming the embryos, and in fact, according to information from the Daily Mail portal, tried to open trusts for the embryos.

Other media such as TMZ claim that, he did it in his fight “Tooth and nail for permission to carry the embryos to term”, and it is that just last month, Loeb lost another legal battle for his legal custody, after a Louisiana appeals court ruled in favor of the Modern Family star.

On that occasion, as Daily Mail points out, the Louisiana Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit “Confirmed the dismissal of a lawsuit that Loeb had filed in an attempt to claim custody of two embryos that were frozen seven years ago ”.

It all started when in 2013, Vergara and Loeb, while still together, decided to freeze their embryos. What they did not imagine is that a dispute would begin the following year, when the businessman sued the Colombian for custody of the embryos, with the alleged intention of implanting them in the uterus of another woman in order to fulfill his desire to become a father. The actress and businesswoman wants to destroy them.

“I have two daughters. When you have embryos 50% are hers and 50% mine “said Loeb, who also explained that, with current technology, he knows the sex of the embryos, which, he assured, both decided to call Isabella and Emma.

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