ITunes ranking in Mexico: Top 10 of today’s most viewed movies Wednesday, December 08

Dont waste your time! Instead of searching and searching for what to see, take advantage of the resources offered by this streaming platform to access the best movies in Mexico. Just hit the play and enjoy!

We refer to the list of iTunes with their best titles, where a classification is made according to who is watching what at this precise moment. Read on for all the details.

1. Venom: There Will Be Carnage

Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) and his symbiote Venom are still trying to figure out how to live together when a prisoner on death row (Woody Harrelson) becomes infected with a symbiote of his own.

2. Dune

The son of a noble family seeks revenge for his father’s death while saving a planet rich in spices that he is tasked with protecting. New film adaptation of Frank Herbert’s novels, which were already transferred to the big screen by David Lynch in 1984.

3. 2018: The Ultimate Test

Just before the 2018 CrossFit Games, the leadership team passed on a new indication, calling for a transformation of the sport. On the horizon of 2019 they planned major changes and the focus was now on making the 2018 Games the best.

Four. Abominable

Yi is just another teenager in the huge city of Shanghai. One day, he meets a young yeti on the roof of his building. The supposedly “abominable” creature, which has escaped from the laboratory where it was locked up, is being sought throughout the city. Together with his resourceful friends Jin and Peng, Yi decides to help him escape, they name him “Everest” and the four of them embark on an epic adventure to reunite the mythical creature with his family on the highest peak in the world.

5. After: lost souls

When Tessa makes the most important decision of her life, everything changes. The secrets that come to light about his family and Hardin’s put their relationship and their future together in jeopardy. Tessa’s life begins to fall apart and nothing will be as before. Although she knows that Hardin loves her, these two lost souls are surrounded by jealousy, hatred … and forgiveness. Until now, love was enough to keep your relationship afloat, but is it really still worth it?

6. The Skin I Live In

Since his wife was burned to death in a car accident, Dr Ledgard (Antonio Banderas), an eminent plastic surgeon, has been interested in creating a new skin with which he could have saved her. Twelve years later he manages to cultivate it in his laboratory, taking advantage of the advances in cell therapy. For this, he will not hesitate to go through a door that has been strictly forbidden until now: transgenesis with human beings. But that will not be the only crime he will commit..

7. Chilangolandia

Chilangolandia – either you love it or you hate it .. but no one is indifferent. It is a place where many things happen and many stories are told, such as that of Ramiro, the taxi driver. He is convinced that his life will change when his nephew “El Chulo” becomes the next soccer star by testing himself in basic strength. On the other side of the city, Carmen and Miguel – a woman desperately seeking to improve her economic situation in the company of her bossy husband – will mistakenly receive a suitcase with 10 million pesos. The owner of the suitcase will seek to recover their money while Carmen and her husband must pay their debts and spend the money before they are caught.

8. Fast & furious 9

Dom Toretto leads a quiet life with Letty and her son, little Brian, but they know that danger is always lurking. This time, that threat will force Dom to face the sins of his past if he wants to save those he loves most. The team is reunited to prevent a worldwide plot, led by one of the most dangerous assassins and best driver they have ever faced; a man who is also Dom’s missing brother, Jakob. Ninth installment of the famous franchise.

9. Question of blood

Bill Baker (Matt Damon) is a tough American oil rig operator who travels to Marseille to visit his daughter, in prison for a murder he claims not to have committed. Far from home, things will not be easy for a father willing to do anything to prove his daughter’s innocence.

10. Ted

The story centers on the adventures of a man who sees his childhood teddy bear come to life due to a wish he made when he was little, turning the teddy into a foul-mouthed lazy that will completely alter his life and endanger his loving relationship with his partner, due to his totally wild behavior and his behavior outside all social norms.

Were you aware of the popularity of the movies that iTunes offers you?

There are more and more views on this platform and users do nothing more than give good reviews around the offer of cinematographic productions. What surprises will iTunes have in store for the near future? What plans will there be for this year?

Stay tuned, we’ll find out soon.

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