from Gyrotonic to Cardio Acting

Getting bored is not an option, especially when it comes to getting in shape. There are so many forms of exercise, so many ways to enjoy sport, that it is very difficult not to find one that catches our attention and help us to continue working our body. Being active throughout our lives, adapting the type of exercise we do to our age, our physical conditions and our expectations and needs will help us feel better.

A good way to discover these new ways of approaching sport is to be aware of the exercise routines of some celebrities, thus learning to stretch with the routine that Reese Witherspoon does every day or to enjoy the trampoline as much as Eva Longoria does. We can also follow the steps of Julia Roberts, who at 54 has the best tricks for tone your figure without having to step into a gym.

Julia Roberts shares her fitness tips for a toned figure. (Getty)

The key for the ‘Homecoming’ actress to take care of her body, with all the benefits that this entails, is to combine two training modalities: creating your own fitness method adapted to her.

In this way, in the first place, she is one of the many celebrities who has given an opportunity to a wonderful training modality, the gyrotonic, which receives this name if it is practiced with machines, but which also has a version without apparatus, although in that case the name by which it is known is gyrokinesis. Ideal for treating injuries and very effective in rehabilitation processes, this exercise has many more functions that the actress benefits from.

With some devices that remind the employees in Pilates, the gyrotonic seeks to generate agility, flexibility, strength and stability thanks to circular, spiral and wave movements. In combination with breathing, it seeks to strengthen and mobilize the joints of the body with its pulley system that invites us to carry out the movements marked by the professionals of the sector in a certain way.

Fluid and graceful movements, based on swimming and dance, which tone and strengthen the muscles of the body, favoring the spine and helping us to work our arms and legs. It improves our circulation, strengthens the joints, improves posture, prevents osteoporosis, favors the silhouette, making it look more harmonious, and also oxygenates the body and mind.

It is convenient to have practiced the gyrotonic before giving a opportunity to gyrokinesis, but one of them or both can be practiced. This original exercise He is not the only one who practices the actress, who also declared herself a follower and practitioner of the cardio acting in an interview for ‘Bang Showbiz’, a discipline that invites us to burn more calories thanks to our daily activities.

Thus, avoid a sedentary lifestyle without leaving home and lead a more active life avoiding sitting still by doing activities that we usually do daily. For example, a very common way to put this technique into practice is to walk while talking on the phone, something we do when we go down the street, but we can also do when we are at home, walking through our rooms and corridors while we catch up with Some friend.

Wait patiently for the water in the pot to boil? You can do it this way or with some squats while you wait, making your body work a little harder. Dance while you clean the house take the stairs instead of taking the elevator …

They are small changes with which you will feel more active, you will do cardiovascular exercise and they will not take up too much time. Because even though not everyone has a busy schedule like Julia Roberts, one of the most loved and highest rated actresses of his generation, we don’t always find the time to hit the gym. With the trick that the actress proposes, we can make the most of the time while we we keep fit.

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