Ariana Grande is mocked for her impending failure on The Voice and her “cultural appropriation”

The popular American singer failed to lead to the final of The Voice to any member of his team, which has generated a great wave of taunts towards the star.

When Ariana Grande announced that she was going to be a judge on the popular scouting show The Voice, generated huge expectations regarding the team that the popular singer could form. And adding to this, the great support she has with her Arianator fandom, which at first was believed to be key to the survival of its members, but unfortunately many have not supported her.

And it is there where numerous criticisms and ridicules of Ariana have resurfaced, various support groups for her have claimed the lack of support that the Arianator fandom has made on The Voice. Ariana begged her fandom on numerous occasions that they will vote for the members of her team, but unfortunately all have been eliminated and none have made it to the final of the competition, so Ariana Grande has lost this season.

Criticisms have also focused on the poor performance that Ariana’s last two singles have released and that they have received very low numbers of sales and reproductions. But the worst mockery and criticism are focusing on the controversial accusations that have been made towards her regarding “cultural appropriation” that has been accused on several occasions and that has exploded when she is accused of wanting to see herself now “as an oriental girl »

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