Dementia: three staple foods that impair memory and induce cognitive decline

Dementia continues to be a big problem for the scientific community. This is because to this day there are no effective treatments to treat and combat it, alleviating the discomfort. In this context, more and more research is emerging focusing on different types of food on which it works to reduce this disease, as well as the Alzheimer’s, while those products that impair memory are also studied. In this sense, we are going to tell you which are the 3 products that you should eradicate from your diet.

Cognitive decline is characterized by the accumulation of proteins that hinder communication between all brain cells. Therefore, the dementia and the Alzheimer’s They have shown different types of progress, depending on the person, but always generating serious memory problems and affecting health. Following this line, we are going to tell you about those food that have a negative influence and, prior to medical consultation, you should reduce your intake.

The first tip resides in white products such as pasta, rice and white flour, which promote inflammation of the body, considered a specific characteristic of neurodegenerative diseases. In the dementia and the Alzheimer’s, inflammation stimulates the accumulation of plaques in the brain, degenerating cognitive functions, therefore you should stop consuming food with this base.

Processed cheese is another of the food Detrimental to cognitive health because processed dairy products generate harmful plaques in the brain, accelerating diseases such as Alzheimer’s and the dementia. In this case, there are two key data to highlight: the first is that the damage will be seen in just four weeks, and the other is that there are different dairy products more harmful than others, such as processed cheese.

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Last but not least, we will have to analyze a common practice every time we go to the movies. It is that popcorn has a manufacturing process where it is contaminated with diacetyl, a chemical that increases amyloid plaque in the brain. It is then that the favorable effects for the advancement of the dementia and Alzheimer’s.

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