Summary of the match América Femenil vs Chivas Femenil (2-1). GOALS

Female America took the victory at the Azteca Stadium 2-1 over Chivas in the first leg of the Quarterfinals in a game worth framing. Although the azulcremas were able to safeguard the advantage, The Flock had little to reach themHowever, an unmarked penalty ruined their plans.

Undoubtedly those directed by Edgar “Chore” Mejía they were better in the process of the match. The goals of the azulcremas They took with them the red and white gift ribbon. The first was a failure by Celeste Espino.

The azulcremas took a free kick that fell in the heart of the area for a header by Janelly farias, who beat behind Guadalajara to connect the ball. The action of the central went directly to the rival goal where Espino launched himself with outstretched arms, tried to keep the ball, but did not have a good grip and ended up bouncing it. At that moment, Luebbert appeared to finish off and deposit the ball in the back of the nets.

With 1-0 in favor, the Coapa squad had another gold one that did not take advantage of in the best way. A play that the Eagles recovered on the band. Angelique Saldivar reached the bottom and crossed before the mark of Diana Rodríguez.

The ball reached the center of the area where I expected it Daniela espinosa, but before there were two defenders who sought to cut the trajectory of the ball. Regrettably, Miriam Castillo connected with the ball in a bad way and embedded it in the networks against a Celeste Espino who could do little to stop her partner’s error, both saw the score against with 2-0.

For halftime, the chat in the dressing room was essential since the 45 minutes had barely started and Alicia Cervantes discounted. The tapatia reached fifty goals tonight with a spectacular individual action.

He received with his chest, lowered the ball and before the mark of Karen Luna and Janelly Farías, the forward profiled and fired to pierce Renata Masciarelli’s nets.

Three minutes passed and the Flock could have the opportunity to tie the cards, but the whistling Lizzet Garcia Olvera decided not to give them a chance by not marking a clearing Masciarelli’s penalty on Licha when running into the lead on an offensive play.

There were moments of emotion that kept the 8,878 fans at the edge of the seats until the 90 minutes were up, plus the aggregate that sentenced the azulcrema victory. Now, on Monday, the Flock will do the honors to the Eagles in the Vuelta of the series trying to be the ones to obtain that ticket of the Semifinal of the Apertura 2021 in the Liga MX Femenil.


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