date, time, what can we expect (and all the leaked videos with new map, characters and more)

The Episode 2 It comes to an end and Fortnite prepares for another great change of season as it happened with the already mythical black hole that swallowed the game map and took us to a new scenario.

Today, December 4th, we have a new date with the game of Epic games to live another of the great events of Fortnite. Below you have everything you need to be able to enjoy it.

Date and time of the event The End of Fortnite

Below you have a list with the Fortnite event times in each country:

  • Spain (Peninsula and Balearic Islands): Saturday, December 4 at 22: 00h.
  • Argentina: Saturday, December 4 at 18: 00h.
  • Venezuela: Saturday, December 4 at 17: 00h.
  • Mexico City: Saturday, December 4 at 16: 00h.

What can we expect?

Like every new event of Fortnite, The expectation to see what they can get out of the sleeve is enormous, but this time the thing promises even more because it is talking about a chapter change. You know how much the game changed the last time that happened.

When does the new Fortnite season start?

From what is pointed out from some leaks, the next Chapter 3 will not arrive until the day December 7th. As with the previous chapter change, the game is expected to be inactive for several days, in this case between December 4-6.

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Spoilers about The End event and Chapter 3

Attention spoilers about the event The end and the Chapter 3 next. If you don’t want to know anything about what will happen or what surprises the game has in store for us in its next season, I advise you not to continue reading.

Below you have a video leaked on TikTok by her own Epic games some days ago. In it you can see part of the video that we will see at the end of the event and what will happen to the island. Surely after seeing it the iconography of the event title seems different to you.

Behind him you have the videos that were leaked shortly after, in which we are already shown the Chapter 3 Battle Pass with its main novelties at the playable level and new characters. Right below, you also have part of the cinematic that will close or open the new chapter.

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