Do you like Pizza del Perro Negro? This will cost you to open your restaurant

“The pandemic led us to make a cash cut, see what we have done and begin to think about what we want in the future, which is to grow in the next 10 years. To grow with franchises is to protect the Black Dog and keep it alive ”, he says in an interview with Expansion.

The total estimated investment to acquire a Pizzas del Perro Negro franchise is two million pesos. In addition, Conquistando al Mundo con Pizza established a group of companies that provide commissary service and a distribution center to serve franchises.

Carillo adds that, after analyzing the market, in a second phase the geographic growth would go to the Bajío area, where there are already interested investors. There is also a potential investor in Jalisco, with exclusivity, which is still under evaluation.

“We have to do our numbers and make decisions in a more orthodox way. We are sitting on what we are sure is a good product and, if this growth accelerates, we are not afraid either. We are going to do everything to keep up with the speed that is required of us ”, he adds.

During the pandemic, Pizzas del Perro Negro closed its units in Hermosillo, Sonora, and Mérida, in Yucatán. As part of this first stage of growth, it will open its branch in Coyoacán, which is added to the 14 restaurants that the brand has in the country’s capital.


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