Napoli vs Lazio: Napoli beat Lazio with a great performance from Chucky Lozano

Nothing spoils leader Napoli’s party. Everything came out in the Diego Armando Maradona: victory, win and lead against a Lazio that he was not able to react at any time. In a match that honored the memory of Maradona, those of Luciano Spalletti they paid him the best possible tribute. Chucky Lozano played 65 minutes and gave an assist for goal.

A statue of Diego Armando Maradona, this time inside the stadium and looking at the grass, he watched everything that would happen in a meeting where Neapolitans could become solo leaders. The Napoli, with a T-shirt with the face of ‘The fuzz‘, pays tribute to him on the first anniversary of his passing, also with Neapolitans in the rival team, as Sarri, Hysaj or Ciro Immobile.

A ‘magna’ pear

In the rain, the Diego Armando Maradona stadium looked like the San Carlo Theater. The players did not clash and always hit the mark. Verticality and precision of the Neapolitans, who jumped into the field overexcited. At six minutes Zielinski took advantage of a ball inside the area and lashed out with his left foot. The orchestra of Spalletti had his three tenors above: Lozano, Insigne and Mertens. Special mention for the last two.

First, Lawrence, Neapolitan by birth, and Dries Mertens, Neapolitan by adoption. At minute 10, when the whole stadium was chanting “Diego, Diego!”, the two petite players combined within the area and Mertens gave the best tribute to Maradona. Two cuts to two fenders laziale and definition to the squad for the top scorer in the club’s history.

The euphoria of the stadium still had time for another, they were in crescendo, because Dries Mertens had yet another tribute saved. With a subtle shot and an ankle twist that is best not attempted on a normal day, he put the leather on the square. 3-0 and nothing could go wrong.

Dries Mertens, a guarantee substitute: Victor Osimhen, starting forward, being out for three months. The Belgian added his second game as a starter and crowned him with a great game.

Until Ospina wanted his personal ovation by making a stop to Luis Alberto, in a shot of the Spaniard who was looking for the squad. The Lazio had no reaction to the gale of football in the Napoli, which was placed as a solo leader.

The second part was football control by the Parthenopeans, who limited themselves to touching, touching, and touching. Fabin in 84 ‘he put the 4-0 and it was all a party. Three points, lead, da ‘de Diez’ of the team that commands in Italy. Always with the aim of scudetto, which has not been won since Diego’s time.

Photos: Reuters


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