Guillermo Ochoa’s mistake? Pumas tie with incredible goal | VIDEO

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After a difficult start to Cougars In the second leg of the Liga MX Quarterfinals, the university team was revived thanks to a fortuitous goal that was presented at minute 28.

It was Alan Mozo who controlled a long send, cut towards the center and commanded a temperate service that sneaked into the arch of Guillermo Ochoa, who only limited himself to watching the ball slip into his bow.

The MX League determined to aim for both Washington Corozo, who with a slight detour participated in the action.

The annotation allowed Cougars to tie the score and the global one momentarily and in social networks there were no shortage of accusations against him blue cream goalkeeper.

Félix Fernández defends him

Not everything was critical of the American goalkeeper, as Félix Fernández, a former goalkeeper and today a TUDN analyst, said that he was not responsible for the play.

“Before they throw themselves at the goalkeeper, the center of Mozo, for the goal of Pumas, does not allow the exit of Memo, due to the lack of height in the service. He can not move before the ball passes all the players, “he said.


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