So you can send WhatsApp to users who are not contacts

If you usually send posts instant to senders you don’t want to add in your contact list on WhatsApp For various reasons you will know that it is not difficult to maintain a chart with users that you do not know a single occasion, but when it is something recurrent it is no longer so simple unless you are adding all those users in the schedule from your smartphone, but today we will show you a way not to have to do it and talk with whoever you want at the moment.

Your list of contacts added in the telephone It is surely quite broad and you don’t necessarily limit yourself to those already registered people when it comes to getting in touch with someone else. Especially when it is not a regular deal or you are interested in staying with that contact, but having the conversation.

WhatsApp does not include this possibility out of the box, being one of the most used messaging applications in the world, but we help you install a button that will allow you to access these functions.


The WhatsApp mobile application lets you send messages to users that you have not added as a contact, embedding a link with the number in question at the end which is not difficult, but it becomes tedious if you handle chats with many people not added and you have to be writing these links on each occasion, which you can save with tools such as Macrodroid.

With this program you can automatically adjust many functions not only in WhatsApp but also in the android device in general and take advantage of the possibilities offered by your cell phone, but what interests us today is to make a shortcut for your chat conversations with users not added to contacts.

You can create a shortcut with this procedure, to chat without problems with those users that you do not want to add to contacts. (Pixabay)

To get it, the first thing you have to do is, of course, get Macrodroid by downloading it from the store Google Play and there is no cost to install it.

When you’re ready open the app and go to your Variables where you can press the button + that appears at the bottom and choose “Whole”In the list of variable types.

With this you can enter the phone number that you want to have within reach to talk and put the name Number and then accept and have the recipient of your messages ready.

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Return to the main Macrodroid screen and access Add Macro to turn it into a shortcut, pressing Enter macro name and naming it WhatsApp or whatever you want.

Then you press on + triggers and goes to User Login to choose Button Widget that you can also customize so you don’t lose sight of it on your desktop. Now go back to the variable Number that you created at the beginning to accept and mark “[Mensaje del usuario]“and accept.

Now you will create a window that appears to enter a new WhatsApp number, naming it as you see fit and a message that you would like to see, such as “type the WhatsApp number” to deactivate Show existing value and to accept. We are almost done.

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In + Actions, go to applications and access Open website / GET HTTP to enter the address url (for Mexican numbers). Then click the three dots on your right side and choose the initial variable Number to accept.

That’s it, so you will have the shortcut ready with just a press +. To put it to the test, press the three points at the top and choose Test macro to verify that it sends you to a menu where you can write the new number and that it opens the program so that you can communicate with the desired user.

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