Reinoso: The Apertura 2021 is the worst championship I have seen in Mexico

Mexico City /

For Carlos Reinoso, legend of America, the Opening 2021 it was not the best tournament that he has seen since he is in Mexico, in addition to that he launched against some foreigners who are active in Aztec football.

ANDl worst championship i have ever seen since I’ve been in Mexico it’s this …horrible! Foreigners play because I don’t know who brings them, “said the former Chilean footballer on the podcast. ‘The Ball Who Knows’ from TUDN. “This is a Mexican league. Four foreigners and seven Mexicans on the field, as I lived it, “he added.

Also, the former player azulcrema referred to the lack of promotion and decline in Mexican soccer, something that he assured affects the development of the League. “The worst enemy is the people who run Mexican soccer. There is no ascent or descent. Search the world… where was it seen? What for? ”, He commented.

Reinoso criticized Chivas players

In the same talk, Kingdom talked about Chivas, a team that he criticized very harshly because he considers that its elements they earn a lot of money for what they show during the matches they dispute.

“There are many soccer players, but very few professionals, that hurts me because they have everything… lyou Chivas boys, the money they make and the things they do and they don’t give results and then you see them talking and you say ‘oh my God, how I would like to be there’, “he said.

“I speak for the fans, that they respect the fansn, there are people who cry, children who cry after a game and come out shitting … laughing. I’m not just talking about Chivas, I’m talking about all of football, “he added.


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