Fidel Castro’s gift to Maradona that his children cannot inherit

It has been more than a year since Diego Armando Maradona died, well the past November 25, 2020 the world lost an idol. The theme of the inheritance has been a very questioned throughout this time, more for the fortune of the Argentine, but now there would be a ‘forbidden treasure’ that even their children could not acquire.

East ‘treasure’ is part of the Maradona’s most valuable possessions and more for the person from whom it comes, since Fidel Castro gave it to him and their children could not take possession, not at the request of Diego, but because it was never taken into account for his will.

Maradona’s ‘secret’ possession

According to information from ‘La Nación’, Fidel Castro gave a house to Maradona, in Cuba, for the year 2005, same as he almost never lived, Well, he didn’t feel comfortable taking a gift like this.

In 2005 Maradona spent a good time in Cuba but then he left. The house was ‘abandoned’ and Diego would not return until 2016, when Fidel Castro had already died and remembered that gift. The Argentine wanted to pay the property to his friend but he always refused.

The Maradona fortune is distributed Come in bank accounts, contracts, properties, jewelry, cars and more, objects that their children Diego Maradona Junior, Dalma, Gianinna, Jana and Diego Fernando are ‘struggling’ to inherit, but the house that Fidel Castro gave to his father could not be taken; why?

What Maradona was almost never in Cuba and by lapses forgot the existence of said property, it is said that this it was not included in your willTherefore, their children cannot directly use it, but it seems that with a legal process everything is possible.

“The house could be inherited by the children, but is not contemplated on the Diego’s succession. It was something that was never raised because he tI had a friendly relationship with the Castros, which is why it would never have occurred to him to say ‘give me the house’. There was no intention on Diego’s part to make money with the house“Said Mauricio D’Alessandro, Matías Morla’s lawyer, then Maradona’s representative.

That is why at the moment this property is ‘forbidden’ for your children and anyone who has the right to Maradona’s inheritance, where there is a world behind the intentions of each character to clarify the situation, although beyond the house, the relationship with Fidel Castro is what draws attention.


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