‘You are my heir’; Mayweather gave Canelo the highest compliment

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Although he has publicly refused to recognize Saúl Álvarez as the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world, what nobody knew – until now – is that Floyd Mayweather dedicated one of the highest possible accolades to Canelo in 2013, when they faced each other at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas.

Although that fight is the only professional defeat so far for the Mexican, the coach, Eddy Reynoso revealed what Mayweather told Canelo minutes after the lawsuit that was decided by a unanimous decision in favor of Money, who recently was in Mexico City at the Annual Convention of the World Boxing Council.

“After he won that fight, after the Mayweather press conference he said: ‘I’m already leaving boxing, you are the one who continues in the line’ and yes it came out. He has always supported him, he expresses himself well about Saúl and if he has advanced it is because he has matured in his boxing, he learned more, he had important fights. Mayweather was not wrongReynoso said.

What is Canelo’s dream fight in Mexico?

For a long time, the Canelo Team He has spoken of the possibility of holding a fight in Mexican territory, but for one reason or another it has not materialized. Of course, given the option, Eddy reynoso he is clear about what combat he would like to see.

I’d like a fight with Golvkin in Guadalajara or Mexico City, that’s the fight I would like in the country, the trilogy. Hopefully the fight will take place, he will fight in December and from the result we will see what can be done.

Finally, the coach assured that Santos Saúl Álvarez Barragan will start your preparation for the fight Ilunga Makabu after the December’s holidays, dedicating about four months to training to get into the ring in May, if everything goes as planned.


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