This is the haircut that is hitting it and that will make you look taller

With the summer over, it is mandatory to make a stop at the Barber Shop. And the thing is that although it is better to be safe than to cut (as Las Pelilargas would say), sometimes putting a good snip is necessary both to clean your hair and your head in general, you know, a change of look and airs. So if you are thinking of getting scissors … You must sign the cut of the season. The hair cut that is sweeping and that also it will make you look taller thus styling your body. We introduce you to ‘clavicut‘.

You sure don’t stop looking for Instagram haircuts but none convinces you to take the step (the one that can sometimes be traumatic, we know), but since we signed the ‘clavicut’ we have not stopped thinking about it and in fact … we have done!

And it is that after the bob, the long bob and the ‘flob’ that Laura Escanes rescued, it is time to cut a little more, exactly by the clavicle. It’s not that bad either, is it?

It’s a haircut that a lot of famous people have had, from Natalie Portman, through Kaia Gerber, Jennifer Lopez, Irina Shayk and now, Ana de Armas.

And it is that at first glance it is a very easy cut to wear also when combing it.

A very 90s hair that has come back to stay and does it … with height, like Rosalía. We mean that this haircut will make you gain inches in height thanks to the optical effect it does. In addition, according to experts, It also stylizes the figure and enhances the shape of our face. All are pros, right?

And how is this achieved? Well thank you lightly climbing in which the strands d in front are longer, and since the hair does not go down more than the clavicle, this effect is achieved. The area of ​​the shoulders and the neckline is completely exposed and at first glance that makes us gain a few inches. Cool!

In addition, this hair looks good on all types of faces, especially round and square ones. So you know, you have many reasons to dare with him. Even with bangs it looks divine, look:

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