Stepan the cat conquers Britney Spears with determination and a glass of red wine


Nov 26, 2021 09:00 GMT

“If I keep quiet from time to time, I can get caught with this cat somewhere,” the pop star wrote on Instagram.

The Stepan cat is already a star capable of outshining any artist, but Britney Spears was so impressed by the feline from Ukraine that she ‘risked’ to share a bit of fame with the ‘colleague’ of Instagram without fear to the competition for the admiration of the public.

Spears announced in one of her latest publications that she had just “shot a movie called ‘The Idol'” and assured that it would be a success. For this to be the case, the singer accompanied the news with a photograph of Stepan, who poses with his muzzle emanating determination and with confidence next to a large glass of red wine.

“If I keep quiet from time to time, I can be caught with this cat somewhere,” Britney wrote.

Stepan said nothing, and it’s not surprising either: with 650,000 followers on Instagram and 965,000 fans on TikTok, the feline resident of the Ukrainian city of Kharkov could not physically pay attention to everyone.

13 years ago, the cat was lucky enough to end up in the hands of its current owner Anna, who found it on a street when it was just one month old. Now that Stepan has grown up, he enjoys a rich social life on the networks with a little help from the woman.

The idea came when one day Anna brought home a pizza and when she put it on the table, she noticed that Stepan stood right next to it, sitting in his favorite chair, but not showing the slightest interest in the delicacy. The owner recorded it on video and now she repeats the same thing, only exchanging the pizza for cakes, fruits, cakes, cocktails and other drinks. What does not change is Stepan’s infallible immutability.

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