Medicines arrive or I stop calling Andrés Manuel

“Medicines arrive or I stop calling Andrés Manuel ”, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) warned when he pledged that the medicines will be distributed even in the most remote communities.

For this reason, he announced that on Monday during the weekly meeting with his cabinet, the strategy will be adjusted to solve the drug shortage problem since there are units but distribution fails.

“On Monday we are going to have a meeting, it is with the completion of resolving the supplies, that has already been achieved, the medicine has already been bought, now it is the distribution, because it turns out that medicine was bought and a contract was made with some distribution companies and I don’t know if the drugs were not distributed due to inefficiency or bad faith ”, he expressed at the facilities of the 52nd Infantry Battalion in Guadalupe, Zacatecas.

“This is like an obstacle course because there is a lot of hunger for money, money is for them as Hidalgo, their god, said, so now we are going to all of us, just as the vaccines were distributed, we are going to distribute the medicines to the towns further apart, they will not be absent or I will stop calling Andrés Manuel ”, he warned.

Asked if he would support the army in this task, he said that his entire government would be involved.

“We are going to beat the soft drinks, the chips … Of course, if they can take their products further, why can’t we? They are medicines ”, asserted

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