Keanu Reeves reveals which pill he would choose and why

Without a doubt, one of the most promising films to close the year is ‘Matrix: Resurrections’, the next installment of the sisters’ sci-fi super franchise Wachowski; that had even already been predicted by the Simpsons themselves.

Heading for the premiere, scheduled for the December 22th; Warner Bros. has been releasing some promotional snacks, including amazing official posters and a recent interview from Keanu reeves with the magazine Esquire. In it he revealed some details of Matrix and many other passages of his prolific artistic career.

Speaking specifically of “Neo” (“Thomas Anderson”), the leading man he plays in Matrix, the 57-year-old actor confessed what pill he would take if he really had that possibility in his hands.

Reality and existence are pretty harsh, so it would be great to take the red pill to at least be able to start from there. But maybe I could take the blue pill as a vacation, you know, the blue pill on vacation, but it wouldn’t be as good as taking a vacation with the red pill.

Via Esquire.

Recall that the initial argument of ‘Matrix’ it falls into two alternate realities, which converge in the same space. Machines have taken over the human race, and made their minds “live” in a simulated existence. “Morpheus” (Laurence fishbourne), contact “Neo” (Reeves), a tormented digital programmer, and gives him the option to awaken from that reality in which he is trapped, to help him and his team to fight against the ruling mechanism.

To this end, “Neo” must choose between taking the red pill, which will make him wake up from the simulation and be fully aware of his reality, or the blue pill, which will allow him to live comfortably in the mental fiction created by the machines.

For now, the plot of ‘Matrix: Resurrections’ It is still not entirely clear, since the study has confirmed that it is not a sequel to the original trilogy as such; although naturally it takes elements of the previously seen.

Keanu reeves reprises his key role as “Neo”, while Carrie-Anne Moss returns in the skin of the unique “Trinity”. Just one of the Wachowski returns to the executive chair in a project that, regardless of the end result, already has all the fans on the edge of their seats.

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