Jennifer Lawrence defended her salary difference with Leonardo DiCaprio

There is less and less for the premiere of Don’t Look Up, Netflix’s new great cinematographic bet. The film has already begun to garner praise from the specialized press.

Hard not to happen if we consider the The star-studded cast of the movie. Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep, Timothée Chalamet and Cate Blanchett they are just some of the members of the film.

A multi-million dollar production that surely used much of its budget in paying the high salaries of its actors. A situation that raised controversy, especially when it was revealed that DiCaprio received 20% more salary than his female companions.

According to NME, Leonardo DiCaprio received a total of $ 30 million for the tape, a figure greater than Lawrence’s 25 million.

Jennifer Lawrence talks about her difference with Leonardo DiCaprio

A situation that unfortunately is has been repeated for years in the film industry. Nevertheless, Everything seems to indicate that Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t care.

Or so she indicated in a recent interview. The actress spoke to Vanity Fair about Don’t look up and the controversy that caused by pay differences on set.

Regardless, Lawrence said she is not unhappy with the situation. That because «Leo brings more to the box office than I do. I am very lucky and I am happy with my treatment ».

“In other situations, what I’ve seen, and I’m sure other women in the workforce have seen as well, is that it is extremely uncomfortable to ask about equal pay »added the Oscar-winning actress.

And if you question something that seems unequal to you, they tell you that it is not a gender disparity. But they can’t tell you what it is exactly, “concluded the protagonist of Don’t Look Up.

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