Healthy foods to rejuvenate the skin recommended by Kourtney Kardashian

There are a number of healthy foods that help rejuvenate the skin and that they are recognized by Kourtney kardashian who is characterized by being the sister who leads a healthy lifestyle, thus reveals the list of foods that are anti-aging.

To rejuvenate the skin even in seasons like the autumn and the winter, it is necessary to eat a balanced diet where all the groups in the food table are included on a daily basis, as stated by Kourtney Kardashian from her web portal Poosh.

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The mother of Mason Dash, Penelope Scotland and Reign Aston Disick boasts in one of her recent posts on social media her favorite foods that help her stay away from wrinkles, for example, tomatoes.

Tomatoes against oxidative stress

Kourtney Mary Kardashian explains that eating tomatoes you can fight against oxidative stress Due to lycopene, which is a vegetable protein that, in addition to making the skin look hydaid, gives the red and pink color to the gitomates and watermelon.

Hemp seeds and sardines

The health of the skin will also depend on how much Omega 3 you consume, Kourtney Kardashian style you can base your diet where you include the Hemp seeds or hemp, flax seeds, sardines and Salmon.

The seeds and sardines they are rich in fatty acids that help hydrate the cells and thus maintain a skin as smooth and without wrinkles, Omega 3 is responsible for reducing irritation and inflammation of the dermis so it is undoubtedly rejuvenated.

Oysters and bone broth

The oysters They are ideal for women who want to show off a skin of envy, they are rich in zinc which is a mineral that helps the collagen production. For his part, bone broth it is a good option to maintain energy and healthy skin.

The broth is full of protein, vitamins and minerals that in addition to rejuvenating the skin of the body reinforces the immune system and helps cell regeneration, so these types of dishes should be prioritized at least once a week.

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Chocolate and blueberries

Finally there are the dark chocolate and the blueberries, the first is a healthy food because it is rich in magnesium, which helps to repair DNA. For their part, blueberries are recognized for their components antioxidants and they are ideal for their low sugar content.

All these foods in addition to helping to rejuvenate the skin also through their nutrients that also allow you to maintain hormonal health, ideal weight, a correct digestion and good rest.

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